BLOG ON! *** Chapter 53  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 53

Detective Washington cruised slowly down Vista Boulevard in Oakland, California. He held in his hand a business card, one of eleven, found in Stacy Stone's purse. His presumption had been that Ms. Stone had worked at this address prior to her death, because she had eleven of these identical 'Elan Beauty Spa' cards.

Hmmmm? Let's see now? 1112 Vista Blvd.? Must be another block further? Hmmmm? Yep, here it is! Tyrone Washington wheeled his non-descript, police-issued black Ford Crown Victoria into the first available parking spot.

He was impressed with the appearance of the building, a remodeled older Victorian home in a very nice area of Oakland. As he exited his car and walked to the front door, he reached in his jacket and removed his detective's badge.

He opened the brightly painted wooden door not knowing exactly what to expect on the other side. Upon entering, he found an expansive reception area and a young, attractive hostess who couldn't have been more than twenty-five.

"Good morning! My name is Detective Washington, and I'm with the San Francisco Police Department. I was hoping that I might have a word or two with your manager." Detective Washington introduced himself as he presented his detective's badge to the smiling hostess.

"Detective, my name is Kimberly Jones. It's a pleasure to meet you. Will you have a seat, and I'll go back and see if Ms. Owens, our manager, is available to meet with you." Ms. Jones was very courteous, pleasant and professional.

"Thank you, Ms. Jones! I'll just look at these wonderful oil paintings you have hanging on the wall while I wait. These ceramic figurines here in your curio cabinet are also very interesting!" Detective Washington responded.

And with that exchange, young Kimberly Jones disappeared toward the rear of the spa facility. Detective Washington busied himself admiring all the expensive paintings and ceramc figurines on display in the reception area.

"Aaaah, Detective Washington, is it? Kimberly says you'd like to talk to me. How can I help you?" Debbie Owens did not keep Tyrone Washington waiting long as she emerged from her office in the rear. She held out her hand and grasped his to shake it firmly.

"Well, you see, Ms. Owens, I am just following up on a case, and I was wondering if you might be able to help me out?" Detective Washington started to explain.

"Do you have a young lady by the name of Stacy Stone who works for you?" He asked.

"Why yes, we do. Is there a problem with Stacy?" Debbie Owens had not yet heard of Stacy Stone's death. On the otherhand, Stacy had not reported for work for the past two days and Kimberly had tried desperately to reach her, but to no avail. They had become concerned since it had always been Stacy's pattern to call in if she were ill.

"I'm afraid, Ms. Owens, that Stacy has died. She died this past Sunday morning at St. Francis Memorial Hospital." Detective Washington explained. "Were you not aware of her death?" He continued.

"Why no, detective! That explains why Stacy has not been in to work on her scheduled days, Wednesday and then again today which is Thursday! Oh my God!" Ms. Owens looked shocked and quite pale. The terrible news of Stacy's death sickened her. Stacy had been with Elan Spa for about two years already. She was much too young to die! thought Ms. Owens.

"Detective, can we continue with this conversation back in my office? I feel as though I need to sit down." Debbie Owens offered.

"Just follow me." She instructed as she turned and made her way down a long hallway toward her lavishly appointed office.

"Have a seat, Detective Washington." She motioned for him to have a seat in one of the nicely upholster wing-back chairs positioned before her large cherry desk.

"Please, detective, tell me what has happened to Stacy!" Ms. Owens was concerned and interested to learn more about the nature of Stacy's death.

"Well, Ms. Owens, Stacy arrested due to an overdose of drugs and later died in the emergency room of St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. This is so sad and so needless! We see this all too often!" Detective Washington explained what had happened and then lamented the sad state of affairs with regard to illegal drug use.

"May I ask you a few questions, Ms. Owens?" Detective Washington continued.

"Why certainly, detective! Anything I can do to help you! Would you care for a cup of coffee?" Debbie Owens sincerely wanted to be helpful to Detective Washington.

"A cup of coffee would be appreciated. Black please." He responded as he removed his small black notebook from the inside pocket of his sport coat pocket.

"Kimberly, please bring a cup of black coffee for Detective Washington." Ms. Owens picked up her phone and called out to her receptionist.

"Now, Detective Washington, how can I help you? What are your questions of me?" She inquired.

"First, Ms. Owens, I was just wondering if you had ever observed any signs or indications of drug use by Ms. Stone while she worked for you?" He asked.

"Why, no, I cannot say that we ever did! Stacy did her job very well and was always pretty reliable." Detective Washington wrote in his black notebook as Ms. Owens answered.

"And can you tell me what Ms. Stone's duties were here at the spa?" He continued on not looking up from his notebook.

"Stacy was a masseuse and she also did some escorting on the weekends." Ms. Owens replied.

"Oh, I see. So she worked here at this facility and also entertained customers on escort appointments?" Detective Washington now raised his head from his noteboook and stopped writing notes.

"Yes, but you must understand we are licensed to offer these service, detective. What we do is all perfectly legal and it is regulated." Ms. Owens sounded a bit defensive as she explained her business to Detective Washington.

"I understand, Ms. Owens. That brings up an interesting question though, Ms. Owens!" Detective Owens felt himself becoming excited as he moved forward in his chair.

"Coffee, Detective Washington?" Kimberly Jones had just entered the office with a large mug of hot coffee as Detective Washington was about to ask a critical question.

"Oh, thank you, Ms. Jones!" He motioned for her to set the coffee on Ms. Owens' desk as he continued on with his questioning.

"That leads me to ask if Ms. Stone may have had a customer on the night before her death?" He wondered if Stacy might have had an appointment with Alan Sabre on the Saturday night prior to her death.

"Let me check our appointment records for you, detective." Ms. Owens answered as she turned toward her computer keyboard.

With a few mouse clicks and keystrokes, Ms. Owens quickly pulled up the appointment records for the spa. From the work she had done for Sharon Stewart only a few days before, she already knew she would find Stacy's appointment records missing for the past week. Stacy had apparently not given all her appointment information to Kimberly so that it could be entered into the computer database.

"I am sorry, Detective Washington. I am seeing that Stacy's appointment records have not been updated through this past weekend. Here, would you like to take a look and see for yourself?" She pointed toward her monitor as she offered for him to get up from his chair and take a look.

"Apparently, Stacy had not yet provided us all of her appointments from last week." Ms. Owens explained.

"Did she keep her own appointment records separately?" Tyrone Washington pressed further with his questioning.

"Yes, each of our girls keeps their own appointment book with them." Ms. Owens replied.

"I would sure like to have a look at Ms. Stone's appointment book, Ms. Owens! Would that be possible?" Detective Washington felt like he was not getting all the information he needed from Ms. Owens. He paused as he sipped on the mug of hot coffee that Kimberly had brought into the office for him.

"The girls all keep their appointment books with them, detective. We would be happy to look back in the area where the girls give their customers massages, but I doubt that we will find her appointment book there." Ms. Owens explained.

"Ms. Owens, you have been most helpful. Here is my card. Would you please contact me if that appointment book does show up around here? Or, you may contact me if you recall anything further regarding Ms. Stone.

With that, Detective Washington rose from his chair and shook Ms. Owens hand.

"I'm sorry that I have been the bearer of bad news regarding Ms. Stone. Such a shame to lose a beautiful young lady like that!" Detective Washington remarked.

"Yes, detective, I was shocked to learn this terrible news! No one here had heard from Stacy since last Friday! I wonder if her family has been informed?" Ms. Owens rose from behind her desk and walked around it to escort Detective Washington out of her office.

"We have taken care of the family notifications, Ms. Owens." Detective Washington replied as he headed back down the hallway toward the receptionist area.

"I just love the paintings here in your receptionist area. Very nice!" He remarked to Ms. Owens.

"Thank you! A local artist from here in Oakland!" Ms. Owens responded.

"Well, good day to both of you. I need to get on back to the station!" Detective Washington shook Ms. Owens' hand and then Ms. Jones' hand.

As he closed the door behind him, Detective Washington immediately began to wonder about the missing appointment book. How can I find that appointment book?

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © May, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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