BLOG ON! *** Chapter 41  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 41

During the drive to Sunnyvale, Detective Tyrone Washington rolled the investigation strategy for the Stacy Stone case over and over in his mind. He was eager to question G. Alan Sabre regarding his whereabouts the Sunday morning Stacy Lee Stone arrested, and yet he knew that by moving too fast he might damage or even blow his investigation entirely. He was angry about this young woman's death, but during the one hour drive to Sunnyvale he cooled down and methodically thought through his strategy. He decided to go slower and build the case. On this trip, he would just survey the situation, locate Mr. Sabre's residence, confirm that he was still driving the 2006 Mustang and not some other vehicle for which registration had not yet been processed by the DMV, and just generally observe Mr. Sabre's lifestyle. By the time he arrived at the city limits of Sunnyvale, he had cooled down and knew exactly how he would procede.

. As he pulled into the parking lot for the building he quickly surveyed it for a red 2006 Mustang, but was unable to find anykind of Mustang at all. Apparently, Alan Sabre was not yet at home.

Detective Washington decided to park his unmarked vehicle in a corner of the lot next to several other vehicles. He would just sit and wait. He had some calls to make and then he would pour through the Stacy Lee Stone case file and make additional notes to himself.

About 20 minutes had passed when a red Mustang came roaring into the parking lot. Detective Washington pulled out the photo provided by the California DMV and looked at it once again. The Mustang pulled through the lot and parked two rows ahead of him, closer to the apartment building. It was definitely a new 2006 model year Mustang. It was clean and well-waxed, a very sporty looking package. Detective Washington observed the driver get out of his car and as he turned to close the driver's side door, Detective Washington was able to get a good look at the driver's face. He confirmed that it was the very same G. Alan Sabre from the DMV's records.

Rather than walk towards the apartment building, Alan Sabre walked toward mailboxes for the complex. He had lit up a cigarette when he got out of the car and was puffing on it hard as he walked across the lot. Detective Washington had not anticipated that Alan Sabre might actually walk right by him going to the mailboxes, but that was exactly what was happening. In order to reach the mailboxes from where Alan Sabre had parked, he would walk within ten to fifteen feet of Detective Washington's parked car.

Detective Washington remained cool and shuffled through some papers he had brought with him, looking down toward his lap. Alan Sabre walked right in front of him suspecting nothing. He retrieved his mail and then start walking back to the apartment building. When he reached a point very close to Detective Washington's car, he flipped his lit cigarette away to his side. Detective Washington watched where it finally landed.

As Alan Sabre mounted the stairs to his apartment unit, Detective Washington reached over to the glove compartment of his vehicle and opened it. He grabbed one of the small plastic ziploc bags and waited for Alan Sabre to disappear inside his apartment unit. When he did, Detective Washington quickly exited his vehicle and walked toward the cigarette butt. Bending down, he mashed the lit end completely out with his shoe sole and then he scraped the cigarette butt into the plastic bag using the tip of his pen.

Detective Washington planned to ask the lab boys to check the DNA from the saliva residue on this cigarette butt and see if it might match the DNA from semen samples found in all three orifices of Ms. Stone's body.

Inside his apartment, Alan Sabre went to his spare bedroom where he had set up his computer and began logging on. He wanted to see if 'computergeek' had responded to his previous messages, and he wanted visit HotTimes dot com before going to sleep. He would spend about an hour on the computer and then go on to bed.

Outside in the parking lot, Detective Washington settled in to make some calls and review materials he had brought along with him.

Sure is a lot of sittin' around we do in this line of work! Detective Washington mused.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © May, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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Thanks, Jay! I read your post re. your three kids! Hang in there, mover forward and may God bless you all!

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