BLOG ON! *** Chapter 32  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 32

At the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor, it was a cool windy March day and just not quite nice enough yet for many of the yacht owners to go out on the scenic Monterrey Bay. There was a lot of anticipation, so many of the owners had come down to the harbor to check on their yachts and socialize with other yacht owners. The Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor was home to about two hundred magnificent motor yachts and sailing yachts. The minimum length was 40', while a few were 150' long.

In the cabin aboard The ComputerGeek, one of the larger motor yachts in the marina, sat the owner, a successful business man in his late 30's. The ComputerGeek, a magnificent 90' Hatteras motor yacht, was moored at the end of Pier 3.

Smoking a Cohiba cigar and drinking a glass of Macallan scotch, he powered up the HP notebook computer that he kept on board. Since it was too cool and windy to go out today, he had decided to check and answer a few emails before chatting with some of the other yacht owners.

With a few key strokes, he quickly logged onto HotTimes dot com and then clicked on his messages. There were several. One, however, of particular interest was one that was sent out this morning by SabreTooth40. I'd better read that one first! Hope everything is OK? He thought to himself as he drew on his cigar.

The message reads as follows:

From: SabreTooth40
To: computergeek
Date: March 26, 2006 10:13 AM PDT
Subject: Stacy

Stacy never made it home this morning. Car at club. That's all I now for right now. Will keep you informed.


Damn! This could get messy! He thought as he sipped on his scotch.

I need to give Sharon Stewart a call and let her know what's happening!

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © May, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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