BLOG ON! *** Chapter 28  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 28

Detective Washington approached the main entrance to The Power Exhange on Otis Street. Glancing at his gold plated Citizen watch, he noted that it was now 8:15 am. It had been six hours since the first call went out to #6 Engine Co. Their Fire Rescue Unit had been the first to respond on a drug overdose situation that eventually claimed the life of a young woman in her mid 20's. Ty Washington needed to investigate this matter further to determine who had been with the woman and who might have provided her the lethal dose of illegal substances that had caused her death.

Although the club had been closed since 5 am, he nevertheless hoped to catch a manager or employee still at the club. Perhaps someone was still in there cleaning up in the club or restocking beverage supplies?

He peered in a small window and saw a light within the club. He rapped on the locked door, but there was not response. So, he decided to walk around the building to see if the back door might possibly be open. As he walked in that direction he noticed a side parking lot that was empty except for two vehicles. One was an older-model white Ford mini-van and the other was a late-model, black BMW 325i. Other than those two cars, the lot was completely vacant.

I'll just bet someone is here! Ty Washington thought to himself as his pulse quickened.

He was in luck! The back door was open and large trash bags had been set outside of the door. Great! Someone IS here!

Detective Washington walked inside and called out loudly

"Hello, anyone here? Hello, anyone here?" He shouted out as he ventured further inside the club. The lighting was dim, so he entered carefully.

"Yo! Who's that?" A voice answered from within.

"San Francisco Police Department! May I speak with you?" And as Detective Washington walked toward the voice, he finally saw a middle-aged man wet-mopping the floor near the bar area.

"I'm Detective Washington from the SFPD, Homicide Division." Detective Washington flipped out his badge for the man to verify his credentials.

"Sir, I haven't done anything wrong! I'm just the clean-up man here!" The middle-aged unshaven, white man was obviously shaken and nervous. He was very thin and pale. His blue jeans and white tee shirt appeared to have been worn for several days. He had a large tatoo on his right forearm. He had greying black hair, and he wore wire-rimmed glasses.

"Settle down, sir! I'm not sayin' you have done anything wrong. I'm just here to investigate an incident that occurred earlier this morning!" Detective Washington did his best to calm the man and gain his trust. "Have you heard about it?"

"About what? I just started cleaning at 6 am. No one was here when I arrived. I've got a key to the back door, and I let myself in as I do every morning." The man responded.

"I see. May I have your name, sir?" Detective Washington asked.

The man responded that his name was George H. Jones.

"I'll need to also get your home address and telephone number, just in case I might need to contact you again." Detective Washington carefully wrote everything down in his small black notebook.

"May I also see some form of identification?" Detective Washington was very thorough when interviewing people. He had been taught this early on during his days in the Police Academy. His father had been a cop too. Ty had dreamed about being a policeman when he was just a small boy.

"Do you mind answering a few questions, Mr. Jones?" Detective Washington felt Mr. Jones might be able to help him.

"The two vehicles out in the parking lot? Does one of them belong to you?" Detective Washington continued.

"Why yes! The white van's mine." George Jones replied.

"And the black BMW? Who's car is that?" Detective Washington continued to question and take notes.

"Beats me!" Responded Mr. Jones. "No idea. Never saw it here before."

Hmmmmm? Could the BMW possibly be the dead woman's vehicle? Detective Washington wondered to himself.

"Do you mind if I look around a bit before you clean-up the club? I particularly need to look around on the third floor." Detective Washington wanted to look that area over thoroughly to see if other evidence might be found.

Detective Washington had checked the names list of 223 patrons and employees while at the office to see if any matched the initials found on the cigarette lighter ... 'GAS'. No matches had been found. The conclusion he drew was that either the cigarette lighter belonged to the victim herself or it belonged to her companion who may have paniced and left the club when she began to arrest. The other possibility was that the cigarette lighter did belong to one of the patrons or employees but for some reason did not carry their initials. He now knew that he could scratch George H. Jones from his list of possible suspects.

"Sure, go ahead, sir. The stairs to the third floor are over there." George Jones pointed in the direction of the stairs. "You'll have to flip the overhead lights on as you climb the stairs. The low-level neon lights on the walls remain on all the time." George Jones seemed relieved to know that he was not the focus of the investigation and was now being most helpful. He was curious to know what this was all about.

"Detective, can you tell me what happened on the third floor?" George Jones inquired.

"A lady overdosed and arrested up there last night. She died in the emergency room at St. Francis Memorial Hospital earlier this morning. We're trying to find out who she may have been with last night." Detective Washington explained.

"Sorry to hear that!" George Jones replied.

Arriving on the third floor, Detective Washington surveyed the layout. He had investigated crimes at other sex clubs in the city of San Francisco. It always gave him the creeps to be in these sleazy places. The decor in these places was always gaudy and garish. But, then I suppose, the people who come into these places don't come in to admire the decor! He reasoned as he quickly moved toward the large round bed in the corner. The drawing in the police report prepared by Sargeant Joe Jordan was very helpful to him and pointed him in the right direction immediately. Better turn on the overhead lights, so I can see something in this damned place! He thought to himself.

Detective Washington spent the better part of an hour up on the third floor. He spend twenty minutes in the immediate area of the round bed where the victim had been found. Other than a few empty condom packages, used condoms, paper napkins, dirty ash trays, plastic drink cups, some empty and some partially full, a couple white towels and empty bottle of Astroglide, he didn't see anything of particular interest. Nevertheless, these items might contain some possible clue, and so he decided to call the lab and ask them to get a couple people over to collect and preserve these potential sources of evidence.

Detective Washington spent another thirty or forty minutes looking into every nook and cranny on the third floor. He dumped out the trash receptacles, he searched in the restrooms and looked to see if this club might possibly have closed-circuit TV cameras that might have captured images from the night before. No cameras were found. But, that was typical for these clubs since patron privacy and confidentiality was protected. Normally, any security cameras they did have were focused upon their cash registers behind the bars. They monitored their bartenders as well as anyone else who might go behind the bar and attempt to steal cash from the register. They did not normally have cameras in their parking areas or in the areas where patrons engaged in sex acts or other sex games. Security cameras were thought to be too intrusive and the management of these clubs preferred not to create an atmosphere in which patrons would feel inhibited. On the contrary, they sought to create an atmosphere where patrons would feel free and liberated to experiment with their sexuality. God help us! Detective Washington felt dirty and just wanted to wrap up his investigation here and get back to the office.

Arriving again on the first floor, Detective Washington quickly spotted George Jones. He was now emptying ash trays and cleaning tables.

"Mr. Jones, I have one or two further questions for you." Detective Washington said as he walked toward Mr. Jones and removed his black notebook from the inside pocket of his sport jacket and reached for the pen in the pocket of his white shirt.

"Do you know if your club has security cameras?" Detective Washington sought to confirm what he already had observed and suspected to be the case.

"Yah, they have a few cameras." Mr. Jones replied.

"Where?" Detective Washington continued to probe.

"In the bar areas on each floor focused on the cash registers and bartenders and one more at the back door." George Jones sounded very truthful and Detective Washington had no reason to question the accuracy of the information he provided.

"Any others? Think hard, now!" Detective Washington replied.

"No. No others. I'm pretty sure of that. If they are concealed, I would've found them by now. I've been cleanin' this place for five years now!" George Jones removed his eyeglasses and cleaned them on the tail of his dirty tee shirt as he responded.

"I've got some of my lab boys comin' over in a few minutes. They will need about 30 minutes on the third floor. Please do not clean anything up there until they finish. OK?" Detective Washington directed.

"That's fine. I have plenty of cleaning to do down here and on the second floor. I won't get to the third floor until about 11 o'clock." George Jones replied.

"Great! You've been most helpful, Mr. Jones. Here's my card. You give me a call, if you think of anything else that might help me out!" Detective Washington smiled as he hand his card to George Jones.

"I'm gonna go outside now and take a look at that BMW. You have a good day, Mr. Jones!" And with that Detective Washington turned and headed toward the back door.

Surprisingly, he found that the black BMW was not locked. Wow! Someone's been careless to leave a nice car like this unlocked! Detective Washington thought.

He entered the vehicle and looked around inside the passenger compartment. The sun had risen in the sky, and it was now 9:45 am. The sky was clearing, and it looked like it was going to be a great spring day in San Francisco, albeit pretty cool. He found some loose change and a Bic cigarette lighter in the open area of the floor console. On the passenger side front seat, he saw a couple magazines with address labels. Hmmm? Stacy Lee Stone, Oakland, CA. He wondered if the dead woman's name might be Stacy. He looked further. The glove compartment was locked as was the middle compartment on the floor console. He searched above the sun visors and found a map of San Francisco. Then he felt under the driver's side floor mat. Aaaah! Keys! He had found the car keys. He slipped the ignition key into the ignition switch and it fit. Hmmmm? Wonder what might be in the trunk? Let's just see!

And when he opened the BMW trunk and found the handbag, Detective Washington breathed out a sigh of relief. He believed he would find answers to many of his questions within that large, black leather, Dooney and Bourke handbag.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © May, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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5/5/2006 3:38 pm

Curiouser and curiouser....nice touch with the Dooney purse.


TTigerAtty 63M

5/5/2006 3:56 pm

    Quoting rm_magnet4u22:
    Curiouser and curiouser....nice touch with the Dooney purse.
I'll bet you know the culprits already, Mag!

rm_magnet4u22 50F
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5/5/2006 6:09 pm

Maybe....I will have to review the story and makemy deductions


TTigerAtty 63M

5/5/2006 7:38 pm

    Quoting rm_magnet4u22:
    Maybe....I will have to review the story and makemy deductions
Ever the cautious one, Mag! I know that when you do finally point the finger of accusation, you will have it nailed dead on!

want2play926 46F

6/1/2006 10:39 am

Getting better and better!

TTigerAtty 63M

6/1/2006 12:54 pm

I really appreciate your determination to read through all of this! Hope you are getting some kid-free time to yourself!

want2play926 46F

6/1/2006 4:34 pm

    Quoting TTigerAtty:
    I really appreciate your determination to read through all of this! Hope you are getting some kid-free time to yourself!
Are you kidding me?! I have not been here much due to kids...don't get me wrong, i am able to post, but not to sit and read other blogs like I use to.

Four days of school left and then I have 4 kids with me all day....12 hours per day....of the pain of it all!!!!

TTigerAtty 63M

6/1/2006 5:29 pm

Oh my Lord, hon! 4 kids for 12 hours per day! Are you frantically searching for camps to get them involved in this summer? I know you will handle it all very well!

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