BLOG ON! *** Chapter 27  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 27

It was Sunday morning about 10:30 am, and Travis could not get Susie out of his mind. They had had a great time the previous Friday night on their first date, a movie. Well, mostly what Travis remembered is what happened after the movie. He stayed at Susie's apartment overnight and they went out for brunch late that morning. And then, he finally drug his tired body home at around noon. He was so tired he took a nap on Saturday afternoon.

Susie had seemed to really enjoy sex. God, it was good! Travis thought back to Friday night and early Saturday morning as he sat before his computer and drank coffee. Should I give her a call? Or, is it too early to be calling back after our first date?

Travis answered a few emails and made some comments on his regularly watched blogs at HotTimes. He visited Karen Kitrane's blog, but noted that she had not posted on Friday, Saturday or yet on Sunday. Next, he clicked on Michelle Morgan's blog. Damn! Michelle hasn't posted a comment since early on Wednesday morning! Moving on to Connie Conrad's blog, he found that she had just posted about a fire rescue call she had been on just this morning. He read it and made the following comment:

So, you got to see the kinky side of San Francisco this weekend! I hope you'll invite me out to partake in the activities someday!

This was a typical blog comment for Travis. He loved to kid around and be irreverent!

Next, with a few mouse clicks, he was at Dick Steele's blog. Not surprisingly, Dick had posted about the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Travis had not entered the bracket contest that Dick was running on his blog, but he jumped in with a comment anyway:

TEXAS Longhorns all the way!

He noticed that Dick had not been on his blog since Tuesday night. Sheeesh! What's happenin' to all the people anyway? He sighed and began to log off his computer.

Hell with it! I'm gonna call Susie!

"Hi there Susie Q!" Travis opened the conversation.

"Hi sweetie! Glad you called! I've been thinking about you all weekend!" Susie sounded even better than the last time Travis had talked with her.

"Really! What ya' been thinkin' about, Susie?" Travis teased.

"I wanna see ya' again! I wanna kiss you again!" Susie replied.

"Hmmmmm? I was wonderin' if you'd like to see another movie, hon?" Travis saw an opening and jumped right up to the plate.

"I'd love it! Let's save some money though Trav. Let's rent a DVD, and I'll make popcorn here!" Travis was so excited upon hearing this he could hardly contain his excitement. He knew what watching a movie from Susie's couch would lead to. They'd never make it through the movie!

"Sounds great! I'll drop by Blockbuster and rent a couple movies. When should I come over?" Travis asked.

"Right now, Travis!" Susie giggled. "Well, give me a couple hours to do some cleaning and laundry. Come on over at say 1 o'clock?" Susie suggested the time and Travis could only think about a whole afternoon with her on the couch.

"You're on Susie Q! I'll be there at 1 o'clock!" Although Travis could barely contain his glee, he tried to contain it.

"Bye baby!" Susie said in reply.

"Bye hon!" Travis answered.

With that, Travis jumped in the shower and began singing. He had not been this happy in many, many months.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © May, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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Sorceror07 55M

5/4/2006 4:09 pm

i'm glad i caught you in a creative writing mood's your turn now!

You have been chosen. Over on Trav's blog there are a couple continuing stories being written. It's fun and they are taking some strange twists. First, read The Rules of the Writing Game, then continue on to The Writing Game Scenario One to add you own special twist to the story.

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

TTigerAtty 63M

5/4/2006 5:59 pm

I tagged MOfunNOWWOW.

rm_magnet4u22 50F
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5/4/2006 6:16 pm

Another interesting chapter...


micahbiguns 52M

5/4/2006 7:31 pm

Glad to see your pregnancy has not stopped the flow of creative juices

TTigerAtty 63M

5/4/2006 8:03 pm

Which couple do you think will really make it, Mag? What is your sense right now?

1. Travis and Susie
2. Dick and Michelle
3. Steve and Karen
4. Michael and Connie
5. Alan and Sarah

TTigerAtty 63M

5/4/2006 8:05 pm

    Quoting micahbiguns:
    Glad to see your pregnancy has not stopped the flow of creative juices
I write to keep my mind off my sullied reputation and lawsuit against Kat!

want2play926 46F

5/24/2006 9:59 pm

Love this story line....

TTigerAtty 63M

5/25/2006 3:31 am

Travis and Susie are both really happy!

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