BLOG ON! *** Chapter 21  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 21

Dick Steele was about to board his plane for Los Angeles. He was flying out of Lambert - St. Louis International Airport to attend a two-day conference on estate planning. It was Wednesday morning at 6:50 am. He was already checked in and was waiting to board his flight.

I think I'll give Michelle a call and let her know the flight is scheduled to depart on time. Dick thought to himself.

"Hi, this is Michelle!" He loved to hear her cheerful, perky voice on the telephone. They had been planning their rendezvous for about two months already. They were both a bit nervous about what they were planning to do.

"Hello, this is Dick, hon." He announced. "Sorry to call you so early in the morning! I know it's only 5: 00 am out there. Am I waking you?" He just realized the two hour time difference between St. Louis and Los Angeles.

"No, hon, my wake-up alarm just went off anyway!" Michelle explained.

"Looks like my flight is right on time. We should depart at 7:15 am and our expected arrival time is still 9:22 am. I'll hold off on breakfast, so we can have a nice brunch together at the hotel. I should get to the hotel by 10:15 to 10:30 am." Dick's voice was uncharacteristicly nervous and excited. He was talking a bit faster than normal.

"Great, sweetie! I'm so excited about finally meeting you!" Michelle responded.

"I'll be in the lobby of the Sheraton when you arrive. I'll be wearing a cobalt blue dress and, of course, you know what my face looks like from the pic I sent you. I know there may be other attorneys checking in that may know you, so I won't rush up to greet you, Dick. I'll just take a seat in the lobby. Is that OK?" Michelle was being careful to be sensitive to Dick's need for confidentiality. Dick had found her to be very thoughtful and considerate.

The two-day conference on estate planning was being held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel near LAX Airport. Dick had planned to grab his bags, catch a hotel shuttle bus at the airport and then ride on over to his hotel. There seemed to be no need to rent a car since Michelle would have here car and if they did leave the hotel, she would be doing the driving.

"Honey, I'm a bit nervous as you know, but I'm also very much looking forward to finally meeting you. Are you still OK with this?" Dick was giving Michelle every possible opportunity to back out, but Michelle had resolved in her own mind that she wanted to meet Dick.

"Sweetie, you're so cute! I've been looking forward to this day for months! Hurry up and get your old tiger tail out here! OK?" Michelle reassured Dick that she had absolutely no second thoughts.

"See you in about five hours, Michelle!" Dick replied in a calmer voice now.

"They're calling my flight right now, hon! Gotta run! See ya' sweetie!" Dick was now in a hurry again.




Dick moved to get in line for first-class boarding. Today, his life would be changing. It was just that he wasn't quite certain how.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © May, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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I still totally love it! Please keep it up.


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Wow impressive keep it up

TTigerAtty 63M

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Thanks, SDA! I appreciate your kind comment!

TTigerAtty 63M

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Thanks, Micah! Many more chapters to finish off all these storylines I started!

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I thought you might think so, Mag! Thanks for continuing to read along!

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Exciting......I can not wait to see what happens with these two!

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    Quoting want2play926:
    Exciting......I can not wait to see what happens with these two!
I think they might be in bed together before too much longer!

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