BLOG ON! *** Chapter 16  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 16

Connie Conrad pulled into the parking lot at #6 Engine Co. in downtown San Francisco about 10 minutes prior to the beginning of her work shift. As she wheeled her Jeep into an assigned parking space, she noticed another firefighter pulling in a few spaces away.

"Hey Tom! How's it goin' this morning?" Connie called out to Tom Thompson, a rookie firefighter.

"Hey Connie!" Tom responded. "I'm doin' great, but my kid is sick this morning, so Liz is staying home with him. Think he's got the flu or something!"

"Pick it up at his soccer game this Saturday?" Connie was aware that Tom's 6 year-old, Kevin, was playing soccer in the city's youth soccer league.

"Yeah, more than likely! He'll bounce back! He always does! Liz is worried though!" Tom replied to Connie.

"Yeah, he'll be back out there playin' again next weekend!" Connie laughed as she encouraged Tom.

"Well, let's get inside, and see what happened over the past 24 hours!" Connie was now switching over to her assertive, take-charge lieutenant leadership style which she had developed during her 18 years in the department. Connie had joined the department a few years after graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle. Although her family still lived in Seattle, Connie had chosen to take a position with the San Francisco Fire Department when the opportunity arose.

As Connie and Tom entered the station there was a buzz of chatter going on within. They were both quickly greeted by firefighters who had worked the previous 24-hour shift. After the exchange of pleasantries and good natured greetings, the conversations quickly switched over to business as the off-going firefighters started telling their counterparts about calls they had been on during their shift. The details of each call were well documented in the shift log, but these verbal accounts were intended to supplement and support the written reports. A thirty minute shift overlap was built in for the purpose of excanging information between the off-going and on-coming crews.

At 7:10 am sharp, the Captain, Bob Barnett, called the group to order in the station's briefing room and began calling for the typical shift reports. From the off-going crew there were reports concerning the calls that they had responded to, reports concerning status of equipment, and various reports concerning personnel matters. Everything was very ordered and very precise.

There had been no unusual calls on the previous shift ... well not that they were unusual for #6 Engine Co. in downtown San Francisco. In addition to responding to actual fires, there had been three of them, the crew had also responded to another seven calls ranging from minor injuries, to drunken vagrants to a heart-attack by a 90 year-old man. In all, they had responded to 10 calls during there 24-hour shift.

The off-going lieutenant gave the report for his 24-hour shift as the on-coming crew of firefighters read the details in the shift log:

Run #1: "Man down, sick unknown." Cell phone caller. Classic drunk person, homeless, passed out on the sidewalk by a Fire Hydrant.

Run #2: "47 year old Male, personal alarm activated, language problem."

Run #3: "Grease fire, Jack In The Box Restaurant."

Run #4: "51 year old Male, fell on pavement ‒ head injury."

Run #5: "Grease fire, Chan's Chinese Restaurant."

Run #6: "19 year old male. Cut fingers."

Run #7: "20 year old female, respiratory, asthma attack."

Run #8: "Electrical fire, residence."

Run #9: "52 year old female, allergic reaction, language problem, a Russian couple."

Run #10: "90 year old male, heart attack."

These had been routine calls for #6 Engine Co., the shift reports gave all the details and so there were no questions or requests for clarification from any of the on-coming crew of firefighters. They all understood that many of their runs were for other than true emergencies, because they understood how people get excited and freak out over even the smallest of problems. Yet, they were there to respond, to provide service, which they did without hesitation! And they were damned good at what they did! San Francisco's busiest and finest Engine Co.!

Connie glanced at her watch. It was now 7:26 am. Captain Barnett was rising to wrap up the meeting and release the off-going crew. She wondered what the next 24-hours would bring to her shift.

She had scheduled some in-service training for the "rookies" at 10: 00 am. Until then, she planned to get online to get some information on new the new fire equipment that had been introduced last week. She needed some additional information for her lesson plan.

After logging on and accessing the internet through her browser, she wondered how many comments she had received on her blog, and so she logged onto to check. Doing so was OK since firefighters were allowed to handle personal affairs in between work related duties as long as they didn't abuse the privilege. Connie never did. She was very conscientious about that.

She almost gasped when she saw that she had received 63 new comments since entering her last posting the previous morning. This was getting out-of-hand, she thought. How was she going to keep up with all of this? Did she really want to keep up anymore now that she was seeing Michael in a real life relationship? But, she had always enjoyed blogging and had made many cyber-friends. It was a great release for her, a way to blow off steam from working in such a stressful occupation. It had been a great thing in her life! She was hooked! She was addicted, and she knew it!

She began to respond to comments left on her last posting entitled "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Make Our Approach ...". She was always very dutiful and conscientious about going back to respond to every comment left my another blogger.

She typed in short responses to ...

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Oh, my Lord! Connie looked at the clock on her computer. It was 9:50 am already! Time to close out of her blog and get ready for the in-service training she had scheduled for the "rookies"!

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © April, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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TTigerAtty 63M

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Thanks for dropping by, MzHuny! Holy cow! I just noticed you have 11,027 posts! Do you need to have your fingers massaged?

want2play926 47F

5/4/2006 6:12 am

I don't know why, but I just can not 'feel' this character....this bothers me

TTigerAtty 63M

5/4/2006 7:17 am

Connie Conrad leads a dual life, one as a Lt. with the SFFD and the other as a submissive who enjoys the BDSM scene. We will see more of her later. But, that's good feedback. I need to bring her character out more in the earlier chapters. The internal conflict, etc. Thanks, hon!

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