BLOG ON! *** Chapter 14  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 14

A couple days had passed and Karen Kitrane had been considering the offer to rendezvous with Steve Strong in Atlanta this coming weekend. She had made up her mind last night when her husband came home late for dinner. Karen had fed the kids, helped them with homework and put them to bed, when husband, Luke, came rolling into the garage at about 9:35 pm.

It was the morning after on Thursday and Karen had fumed all night. She arrived at her downtown shop early so she could get online and contact Steve from Albany, Georgia. As she turned on her computer and poured her first cup of hot coffee, she recalled the painful conversation with Luke the night before.

"Sorry I'm late, hon! A big project due tomorrow!" Luke whined as he attempted to give reasons for arriving home later than normal.

"Luke, I don't even wanna hear it! We've been through this hundreds of times before! I fed the kids before dinner got cold. You never even called tonight! I can't live this way any longer!" Karen tore into him but kept her voice down for the sake of the kids who were asleep upstairs.

"Hon, I really had to get this work done! You know it's been crazy at work! If I do a good job with this project, I can get a promotion! I'm doin' it for us!" Luke defended himself.

"Bullshit, Luke! You're doin' it for yourself! And after you get that promotion, then what Luke?! You'll just have more respnsibilities, and you'll work even harder and longer hours! I hate what our life has become! I can't do this any more!" Karen was furious and tears were forming in her eyes. Her mascara was beginning to run down her cheeks.

Karen and Luke had been so happy when they first married and now after 15 years, it was becoming a real struggle. She no longer felt the passion and desire for Luke that she did in the early years of their marriage. And what's more, Karen was no longer sure whether Luke loved her. It had seemed to her for the past three or four years that their marriage might be in trouble. They had fought a couple years ago and Luke had even moved our for a few days. They patched things up and it was better for a few months, but then the same patterns of behavior returned again. Luke would work long hours and occasionally he'd stop with the guys from work at a local watering hole. Rarely a call and then he'd come home with beer on his breath and expect to be excused because of his hard work at the plant. It seemed to Karen that she was no longer a big part of his life.

"Look, Karen, I know we've been through this before! What do you expect me to do? Quit my job? You know we can't afford that! Give me a damned break, will ya'!" Luke fired back. Perhaps he was too tired and too tense to handle another confrontation with Karen. He just wanted to eat a bite and go to bed. Now, it looked like they might argue for the rest of the night.

"Luke, there's a plate for you in the refrigerator. Just heat it in the microwave. I'm gonna go upstairs and check on the kids. They brought their report cards home this evening, and they were so proud. They just wanted to show both of us their grades. When you didn't come home, they were so disappointed!" Karen had calmed down a little bit by now.

"Their report cards are on the counter over there by the mail. Now, I'm gonna check on the kids and get ready for bed." Karen was now worn out and disappointed with Luke and everything about her life.

"Thanks, I'll take a look at them." Luke choked as he replied to Karen.

That night Karen slept with her back to Luke. She was just too exhausted and depressed to deal with their issues any further for one night. Luke, came to bed and fell to sleep very quickly and soon began to snore. Karen fumed as she was too uptight to sleep. She tossed around and finally dozed off just before midnight.

Karen opened up her internet browser and immediately went to her IM window. Noticing that Steve was already online, she double-clicked on 'ClitLicker4U' and began to type into the message box:

KarenKitty: Hi Steve! Are you there?

After a 10 second pause, one that felt more like 30 seconds, Steve responded.

ClitLicker4U: Hi sweetie! How's your day?
KarenKitty: Better now, Steve!
KarenKitty: Had another argument with hubby last night!
ClitLicker4U: Oooops! Sorry to hear that! Are you OK?
ClitLicker4U: What are you two fighting about now?
KarenKitty: Same old crap, Steve!
ClitLicker4U: Sorry hon!
KarenKitty: Steve, you know what we have discussed about this weekend? Is the offer still good?
ClitLicker4U: Yep! It sure is! I've got the reservations made and I have just been waiting to see whether I should confirm them.
KarenKitty: Steve, I'm ready to take this step. Are you sure you want to?
ClitLicker4U: Karen, I have been wanting to be with you for a long time! I am looking forward to this weekend with you!
ClitLicker4U: I'd love for you to join me in Atlanta this weekend, Karen.
KarenKitty: I'd like that too, Steve! I'm ready to live again!
KarenKitty: I'm certain my marriage to Luke is over! I just can't go on any longer!
ClitLicker4U: Karen, I'm gonna call the Sheraton now and confirm my additional days in Atlanta. I'm planning to get away from here and drive up early Saturday morning. When can you get away?
ClitLicker4U: Can you get there in time for us to have lunch?
KarenKitty: Yes, I can do that, Steve. The kids are going to their grandparents this weekend, and I've told Luke that I might be driving into Atlanta to do some shopping for my store. I can be there by noon.
KarenKitty: I'll be driving up to Atlanta in my Expedition so I can haul a few things back with me. My suppliers are pretty close to the Sheraton so it won't take too long. I'll try to get that done before I meet you for lunch!
ClitLicker4U: Sounds great! Let me get off here and confirm the reservations. I'll call you later and we can discuss more about the weekend at that time.
KarenKitty: Sounds good Steve! I have to start opening the shop now anyway!
ClitLicker4U: I'm so happy you've decided to come to Atlanta and I'm so excited about this weekend! We'll plan to have a great weekend, Karen!
KarenKitty: I'm looking forward to it too, Steve! I really am! I guess I'm finally ready to take this step!
ClitLicker4U: I'll call you before the end of the day to discuss some ideas for dinner and things we might do together on Sunday.
KarenKitty: As long as we spend a lot of time in our room, sweetie! That's what I want. I just want to feel alive again!
ClitLicker4U: Don't worry about that baby! I have lots of devlish plans for us! 'Talk to you later!
KarenKitty: Bye, hottie!
ClitLicker4U: Bye, sweetie!

Karen had taken the big step! In her mind, her marriage was over. She wanted to taste heat and passion again! This weekend in Atlanta, she would!

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © March, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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HOOO WEEEE! This is getting better and better!

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    Quoting want2play926:
    HOOO WEEEE! This is getting better and better!
Marital infidelity, deceit, sex .... the typical story these days! Sad to say!

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