BLOG ON! *** Chapter 12  

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BLOG ON! *** Chapter 12


Alan slapped at his alarm clock, groaned and rolled over in bed.

"It can't be 5:30 in the evening already," he thought to himself.

It seemed he had just laid down for a short nap, but he had actually been sleeping for about 6 hours. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked up to see himself in the ceiling mirror, he suddenly remembered that his girl friend, Sarah, would be expecting him around 6:45 pm. Just enough time to take a shower, shave, get dressed and drive over to Sarah's condo about 10 miles away!

Sarah Summers was one hot 30 year-old woman! They had chatted online earlier that same morning, and they both wanted to fuck each other's brains out tonight! And that is exactly what Alan was thinking about as he stepped under the hot water spray of his apartment shower stall. He scrubbed and scrubbed and thought about the wild fuck session that would start in about an hour.

As he stepped out of the shower to towel off, the phone rang.

"Awwwh shit! Who's that?" He angrily muttered out loud.

He checked the Caller ID. It was Sarah calling.

"Hi, baby!" Alan answered her call.

"Hey, hottie! Just wanted to make sure you didn't over-sleep, 'cause I want you to come over and fuck me now!" Sarah said in a stern, demanding tone.

"Hey, you little slut! I've gotta great big cock here, and it's gettin' hard just thinkin' about how I'm gonna fuck you in your mouth, your pussy and your ass!" Alan was getting aroused.

"Well, wadda ya waitin' on, cowboy?" Sarah teased him in a sultry tone of voice.

"I'll be there in about 25 minutes!" Alan replied. "Is your pussy wet, baby?"

"I'm touching it now you big fuckin' stud! I'll be so fuckin' hot by the time you get here, I'm gonna fuck you till you can't think or walk!" Sarah knew that Alan liked her to talk to him as dirty as possible!

"Just keep rubbin' your pussy, you fuckin' slut! Get it good and slippery for my cock!" Alan was getting really intense now.

"Be there in about 25 minutes!" He told Sarah.

As he finished toweling himself dry, he heard one of his favorite Willie Nelson tunes playing on the clock radio in his bedroom ...

If you had not have fallen
then I would not have found you
Angel flying too close to the ground
I patched up your broken wing and hung around for a while
trying to keep your spirits up and your fever down
So leave me if you need to, I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground.

I knew someday that you would fly away
for loveÕs the greatest healer to be found
So leave me if you need to, I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground
Fly on fly on past, the speed of sound
IÕd rather see you up than see you down
So leave me if you need to, I will still remember
Angel flying too close to the ground.

Alan Sabre had been a big Willie Nelson fan for as long as he could remember. He could readily relate to Willie's lifestyle. Willie Nelson's persona was that of a hard livin', hard drinkin', drug usin', anti-establishment rebel.

And that's how G. Alan Sabre preferred to think of himself, even though he was now already 40 years of age. He had always been a bit anti-social and rebellious himself. He had never really fit in with his high school classmates very well. He enlisted with the Navy after graduating from high school, whereas most of his classmates went on to college somewhere.

When Alan was discharged 4 years later, he got himself a job in a local computer shop where one of his buddies was a manager. That job lasted about 9 years until Alan got caught stealing a used computer. The owner of the computer shop went easy on him and did not press charges, although the value of the computer would have made Alan's offense a felony charge. He drifted around doing various odd jobs for about a year and then landed his current job with Horizon, Inc. in Sunnyvale, CA.

As he finished dressing, he thought about Sarah Summers. He had met her about 3 months before online through the cybersex site, HotTimes. They clicked immediately, and they had been fucking each other about 3 times per week ever since meeting. It was great!

Alan threw on a black Rolling Stones t-shirt and squeezed into a clean pair of old blue jeans. He rolled on a pair of clean white socks and then laced up his brand new Adidas cross-trainers. Ooops! Better splash on some of Sarah's favorite cologne. She had bought him a bottle of Lagerfeld for his 40th birthday. He applied it generously to his face, neck and arms. Ready for action!

And with that, Alan was out the front door of his apartment. He double-checked to make sure he had locked it.

His shiny Torch Red 2006 Mustang GT glistened in the setting California sun as it awaited him in the apartment parking lot. Alan was very proud of his new car. He had traded his old Firebird in for the Mustang just 3 weeks before. He loved the deep throaty sound of its engine. He had opted for the 4.6 liter V8 engine, a 5-speed manual transmission, black leather seating and a premium sound system.

As he brought the V8 powerplant to life, he turned on the radio and lowered the windows. He roared out of the parking lot onto the road that would take him directly to Sarah's condo.

Sarah had left her condo door unlocked and Alan just walked on in. Mmmmmm! What's that aroma? It was a bunch of vanilla scented candles that Sarah had lit in the living room and the trail of candles she had created led directly to her bedroom. She had loaded some CDs into her auto-changer and another one of Alan's favorite Willie Nelson tunes was playing ...

In the twilight glow I see them
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain
When we kissed goodbye and parted
I knew we'd never meet again

Love is like a dyin' ember
Only memories remain
Through the ages I'll remember
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain

"Mmmmmm!" Alan thought, "Sarah's blue eyes are so sexy and dreamy! Where is she? Sarah, where are you, baby?"

Some day when we meet up yonder
We'll stroll hand in hand again
In a land that knows no partin'
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain

Now my hair has turned to silver
All my life I've loved in vain
I can see her star in heaven
Blue eyes crying in the rain

"Back here, Alan! My bedroom!" Sarah beckoned to him like a siren.

When he walked to the door, it was only half open. He was pleased with and titillated by what he saw when he opened the door.

Sarah was sitting in semi-reclined position with her back against a stack of pillows at the headboard of her four-poster bed. Her legs were open, and she was pleasuring herself with a large cream colored vibrator.

"Come fuck me, you big stud!" Sarah had that dirty, sexy look in her big blue eyes.

Alan started ripping his clothes off as he approached her bed. Scented candles surrounded the bed. They flickered and danced and created a very erotic atmosphere.

"Suck my fuckin' cock, you slut!" Alan was almost fully erect as he climbed onto the bed and began fondling her luscious 36D tits.

Sarah greedily took him deep in her hungry mouth and eagerly licked and sucked his cock as she took him as deep as I she could. Alan was well-hung at about 8" and he was proud of his endowment.

"Suck that cock good, sluttygirl!" Alan liked to make reference to her HotTimes handle, sluttygirl69.

Sarah took him deep to the back of her mouth and moved her head side to side causing his cock to move with her mouth. She took the head of his cock into her cheek as she slid and maneuvered it around with her tongue. She pulled his throbbing cock back out, drenched with her slobber, breathed a couple times and then went back for more of the feast. Then, suddenly, she slowed it down a bit. She began to lick his hard, stiff erection very slowly. She sucked its head and licked the tip with her tongue. Moving lower, she found his balls, which were aching with pressure, and took them into her mouth and played with them one at a time. Alan was moaning by this time.

"Suck on my balls, you slut!" He demanded.

She did and then she found the rim of his ass and the netherland between his ass and his balls. She tickled him there lightly with the tip of her hot tongue and massaged him with the fingers of her right hand for what seemed to be an eternity. And then she moved back to his hot, hard cock. Alan was throbbing and his head was beginning to spin as he clutched the corner post of her bed with his right hand. He knew he could not last must longer.

She stopped very briefly while continuing to stroke his huge cock. "You gonna cum in my mouth, cowboy. Or you wanna give me a pearl necklace!"

That sexy, dirty talk drove Alan up the wall!

"I want you to suck the cum out of me, bitch! All of it!" He raised his voice and ordered her to swallow his load.

And with a few more strokes at the base of his member and after sucking the head of his cock faster, Sarah could feel that he was about to release his full load into her mouth.

"Oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah!" He cried out in pleasure.

His cum exploded into her mouth. She enjoyed every last drop of his hot, creamy load. He had filled her mouth, and it spilled out onto her lips.

She licked her lips and swallowed, not wasting a drop. By this time, Alan was so turned on, his erection would not go away.

"Now, cowboy! Fuck me, and you better fuck me hard!" Sarah began making her own demands.

Alan mounted her and began fucking her in the missionary position. His cock was aching and throbbing, and his head felt light, as though all the blood in his body had now rush to his cock and lower abdomen. He stroked her hard and fast. In and out. In and out. She now began to moan herself. She was enjoying the sensations. She moved and gyrated her hips in rhythm with his strokes, his thrusts in and out, back and forth.

And then, Sarah turned around raising her ass high in the air while, at the same time, dropping her head down against the bedsheets. She presented her beautiful wet pussy to him and begged him to fuck her doggie style. This was her favorite position. She could take all of Alan in this position. God, she really loved to fuck!

Alan was working hard now, pounding her pussy with his hard cock. He knew he would not have another orgasm for awhile and that he would be able to pleasure Sarah over and over.

"Oh! Fuck me harder, dammit!" She cried out. "Give it to me!"

Alan pounded her harder and faster. He was beginning to feel exhausted. But he would not stop until she begged for mercy!

"Oh, oh, oooh, oooh, aaaaaaaaah!" She moaned as orgasmic waves rolled through her body. Alan knew he had gotten to her.

"Now, fuck me in the ass, cowboy!" She wanted more. She was insatiable!

Alan reached for the AstroGlide to lube his cock and the rim of her ass. He applied lubrication in a generous amount.

"Here I come, you whore!" Alan warned her to get ready.

He worked the tip of his cock around on the rim of her ass until it was slippery and then he pushed the tip of his cock into her. She gasped and sighed. He withdrew. Then he pushed a little deeper as she began to relax. With 3" inside her, he began to slowly stroke her ass. As he slid in deeper, he felt her tight ass squeezing on his cock. Oh my! He would not be able to prolong this fuck session very much longer. Now, in about 5" deep, he began to stroke her ass a little faster until he had fully penetrated her. Now, he pounded her ass as hard and fast as he could. She cried out for him not to stop.

"Don't you fuckin' stop! More, you fucker!" Sarah was totally wild now. She seemed like a different person than Alan knew.

He stroked and pounded her harder and faster, completely burying most of his 8" rod up her ass. And she was loving it! He went faster and faster. And then, almost simultaneously, they both let out cries of carnal pleasure and release.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my god, ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, aaaaah, aaaah ........"

Their bodies both writhed in complete physical pleasure, and they collapsed beside each other. Both were perspiring profusely. Alan looked over at Sarah and smiled. Her sweaty blonde bangs were clinging to her forehead. Sarah looked at Alan and smiled back at him. His shoulders and hairy chest were drenched in sweat. No words were spoken between them for what seemed like several minutes. No words were necessary.

Disclaimer: Any similarities between the fictional characters, businesses and locations appearing in this story and actual real people, businesses and locations is purely coincidental and are not purposely intended by the author.

Copyright © March, 2006 by TTigerAtty

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Well, MzHuny, then you, and I have something very much in common! I've not seen him 11 times, but I'd say I've seen him about 4 times. Did you see him a few years ago at the Executive Inn in Paducah, KY? I saw him upclose and personal in some joint on The Landing in St. Louis a couple years ago! We'll have to get us a bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Sippin' Whiskey (Willie's favorite) and just sit a spell drinkin' and listenin' to Willie's music! Does 'Honeysuckle Rose' ring a bell? Diane Cannon and Amy Irvin?

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5/3/2006 5:29 am


I am in love with this guy! He drives a all time favorite car....and he fucks like a master!

It is 8:28 AM and I am so turned on I am going out of my mind!!!!

Yet another awesome chapter.....need more coffee, if I smoked, I would get a cig right about now.

TTigerAtty 63M

5/3/2006 5:48 am

    Quoting want2play926:

    I am in love with this guy! He drives a all time favorite car....and he fucks like a master!

    It is 8:28 AM and I am so turned on I am going out of my mind!!!!

    Yet another awesome chapter.....need more coffee, if I smoked, I would get a cig right about now.
Don't you start smokin' on acoount of me, hon! Eat some Hershey chocolate instead! I've had Z-cars, Corvettes, a Roadrunner, but never a Mustang. I'm wanting one of the new convertibles real bad!

Don't get too attached to Alan Sabre! He's a villain in this story and will soon have problems with the law!

Thanks for following the story!

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