A Letter to the IRS .......  

TTigerAtty 63M
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2/3/2006 5:37 am

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A Letter to the IRS .......

Dear Internal Revenue Service:

Enclosed you will find my 2005 tax return showing that I owe $3,407.00 in taxes. Please note the attached article from the USA Today newspaper, dated 12 November, wherein you will see the Pentagon (Department of Defense) is paying $171.50 per hammer and NASA has paid $600.00 per toilet seat.

I am enclosing four (4) toilet seats (valued @ $2,400) and six (6) hammers valued @ $1,029), which I secured at Home Depot, bringing my total remittance to $3,429.00. Please apply the overpayment of $22.00 to the "Presidential Election Fund," as noted on my return. You can do this inexpensively by sending them one (1) 1.5" Phillips head screw (see aforementioned article from USA Today newspaper detailing how H.U.D. pays $22.00 each for 1.5" Phillips head screws). One screw is enclosed for your convenience.

It has been a pleasure to pay my tax bill this year, and I look forward to paying it again next year.


A Satisfied Taxpayer


non illigitimae carborundum

RailBaron2 55M

2/3/2006 4:29 pm

Well TTigerAtty- I am actually getting $12.00 back from Uncle Greedy this year.

Whispersoftly5 53F
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2/3/2006 6:06 pm

LOL! I wish it was that easy to pay the tax bill!!!


TTigerAtty 63M

2/4/2006 5:44 am

RailBaron2 - Will they send you the $12.00 in a check or a 1" long Phillips head screw? If you get a check, let me suggest that you take your sweetie out for coffee and cheesecake at Starbucks!

Whispersoftly5 - Speakin' of sweeties! Hi sweetie!

Whispersoftly5 53F
15176 posts
2/4/2006 7:54 am

TTigerAtty 63M

2/4/2006 8:29 pm


2/10/2006 3:01 pm

Love it wish it was true!

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

TTigerAtty 63M

2/11/2006 12:28 pm

MOfunNOWWOW - Yep! Me too! Thanks for dropping by from Joplin!

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