Big, Beautiful, Mature and OUT OF PRACTICE!!!  

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4/1/2005 2:18 pm

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Big, Beautiful, Mature and OUT OF PRACTICE!!!

Okay, folks, time for some HONESTY here. I was with my lifemate for 5 years... even after 5 years, we STILL made love 5 or 6 times A DAY. yes, i said A DAY. naked football, naked weekends, naked grilling on the back porch... on and on... and he died almost 6 years ago. Yes, i've had sex since then; heck, i'll even admit i've had some pretty good stuff since then. but not NEARLY ENOUGH good stuff! and i am WAY out of practice. And now, at almost 50, i've grown a bit shy and insecure... even though in life i am a confident, positive woman. So.. be gentle with me emotionally, and when i finally get comfortable, i'm UNSHY, uninhibited and TONS OF FUN. and i'd also love a work-out partner to do day-time things at the YMCA... you know, weight work, swimming, all those kinds of things to rebuild my stamina, energy and flexibility. more later....

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4/1/2005 4:38 pm

What's wrong? Aren't you finding enough guys in this website. I'm new to this as well. I haven't put up a picture. Do you have a picture to put up? I'm sure a lot of guys are lusty for what you have describe about your sexneeds. I would want sex 5-6 times a day. I think that's why guys also go on this website. But everyone is also cautious to make a move. But others are just too obnoxious and pretend to be the most well hung and a stud. But we all know otherwise. Good luck.

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