A fantastic day!  

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4/2/2006 8:42 pm

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A fantastic day!

Hello blog readers,

Today was incredible, an experience in simple pleasures. Woke up about noon, looking forward to nothing but a day of recouperation. (Why is another story.) Instead, I called a friend and we went out riding. First we met up at Whaffle house for breakfast, the only way to start the day. Now that breakfast is over it is time to find a bar...lol. We ride for a while and see a bunch of bikes parked on teh side of the road. This must be the place to be so we pulled in and said hello to everyone. Enjoyed a couple of cold ones and headed back out. Went to a nature reserve and hiked a little bit to see an eagles nest, very cool. Back on the bikes and off again. Found another bar with great food. Wings and beer, it just doesn't get any better. Even got a phone number from a girl there that wants to ride sometime... Then we are riding again and stop in another bar, I know, big surprise. I must have been doing something right because I picked up another phone number here. If these turn into anything, I will have to let you know later. Back on the bikes and this time we head to another part of town where his wife used to hang out. When we walk in I see this girl I hadn't seen in over a year. Walk up and say hello and we hit it off great. She had been wondering where I had been. The last time we went out I was leaving for Colorado and she didn't know I was back. A few more beers, some pool, very nice kissing and even a little groping... Anyway, my friends had to head for home and I hit one more local bar on my way home to check in with everyone. Sunshine, bikes, friends and pretty girls, all I could ask for on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Talk to you all soon,


ladyHDrider2003 53F

5/7/2009 8:07 pm

I know how a day like that feels also.....wonderful!!!

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