well i found his ass  

TIGGER44135 32F
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9/21/2005 11:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

well i found his ass

i changed this blog becouse i typed it out of hurt and anger plus im new here and dont know alot about this site.i just found what i was looking for and now im going after it.

MsLoveRose 34F  
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9/22/2005 7:32 pm

do you think by making a scene...that he would actually want to have anything to do with you....relationships takes time and there is a time and place for everything...

live more, laugh often, love much

rm_QuietEyez 47F

9/22/2005 9:00 pm

Has it occured to you that he may NOT WANT you to find him on here...following him around.. If the relationship is over.. you got to learn to let go.. chasing someone around in their private lives is more an obsession then love.

utbucky 50M
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9/23/2005 10:35 am

we were all new to this at one point in time, everyone is here for different reasons and its very easy to type something out of hurt and anger being no one knows you and its nice to get it off your chest, that does help alot.. Glad to hear you found what your looking for, good luck in your quest.

TIGGER44135 32F

9/26/2005 9:36 am

thanks utbucky,sometimes its hard to just see certain things.but ill be strong and hang around for awhile.

utbucky 50M
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9/26/2005 11:35 am

glad your gonna hang around for a while, i do liek your attitude when you post lol. i know some may find it a bit harsh but i like the honestly and saying whats on your mind.

TIGGER44135 32F

9/29/2005 2:13 am

    Quoting 69wannaplay6969:
    what was it that YOU were lookin for? And how do you plan to get it?????
i was wanting my man and im sure you dont wanna know how im going to get him.its realy not your buisness but thank you for asking.have a great day.oh yeah say hi to heaven for me.

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