My Birthday Suprise  

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8/14/2005 1:41 am

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My Birthday Suprise

It was my birthday and Mike had promised me a birthday that I would never forget. I've been sneaking away from my spouse and fucking Mike for about three years now. Mike knew me and my enjoyment of being dominated and I trusted him. So when he told me that he'd put a small dose of GHB in my drink so he could knock me out and really suprise me, I drank it right up without question.

Slowly consciousness returned. I was still groggy and couldn't see. I tried to rub my eyes, but I couldn't get my arms to work either. I struggled to regain my senses and slowly they returned bringing with them a number of realizations. First, I couldn't see because I was blindfolded. I couldn't move my arms because they were tightly bound to the arms of the chair I was sitting in. My knees were hoisted up to my shoulders and bound there, laying my most sensitive places wide open. There was something strapped around my head, holding my mouth open. I realized that I was totally immobilized and powerless to resist any advance. Lastly I realized that someone was hammering away deep inside me. I knew it wasn't Mike. I knew his cock well and this wasn't his. It was larger and I didn't recognize the grunts of the man laboring over me either. As these realizations began to register, I felt the man stiffen and jam his cock all the way to the hilt inside me. It felt his cock twitch and a satisfied moan escape his lips as he deposited his seed in me. As his orgasm subsided, he unceremoniously withdrew his manhood and strode around the side of the chair I was in and shoved it in my defensless mouth to be cleaned. He shoved his slime covered manhood far past my tonsils. His pubic hair was wirey and I felt it pressed against my nose and chin.

As I fought back my gag reflex a second man stepped into the space between my legs. He jammed his rod into me without regard. As he reached his pace stroking into me, he spoke to the first man saying, "this is some wild shit!". I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was a black man. I could also hear other voices in the room as well, although I couldn't tell how many were there, I could tell that every one sound like they belonged to a black male.

The first man held his cock planted deeply in my throat, not allowing me to breathe. Right when I thought I was going to suffocate, he finally withdrew his now flacid member.

The second man stroked away, pausing only to slap my ass on about every third stroke. His cock was huge and I thought it was going to tear something inside me each time it thrust into my defenseless body.

No sooner had my mouth been vacated until another dick took its place. This new cock was thrust into my throat matching the second man's pace stroke for stroke. These cocks were so large I could almost feel them bumping into each other inside of me.

There was nothing I could do but try to fight back my gag reflex and enjoy the feeling of these two lovely cocks and the musky man smells that accompanied them.

The third man finished before the second. He thrust his spurting member deep into my mouth delivering each spurt of his semen deep in my throat. I could distinctly feel his cock swell in my mouth and throat as he delivered each shot. After he finished cumming, he simply walked away.

As I fought to swallow the load so that I could breathe, I heard Mike's voice in my ear whispering, "having fun?" Of course I was restrained such that I couldn't even answer by shaking my head.

Mike placed his lovely cock in my mouth. I swirled my toungue around its bulbous head. I tried to close my mouth around it to suck it in, but couldn't as I couldn't close my mouth far enough.

About that time I felt the second man orgasming inside of me. As I continued to service Mike's cock as best as I could with my toungue, the second man pulled his spent manhood out of me with a plop. I felt a stream of cum oozing slowly down my ass crack.

This went on for what seemed hours. One cock after another deposted their spunk inside me and my mouth was repeatedly used without mercy. My back and legs were screaming in pain from being held in the unnatural position that they were in and the cumm oozed out of me and pooled in puddles around my ass cheeks on the chair. I could tell that there were 8 men other than Mike in the room and each had had their way with me at least once.

I guess Mike could tell that I had had enough. He untied my hands and cuffed them behind my back before releasing my legs. I was pulled out of the chair. My legs refused to work, but that did not matter, I was drug into the bathroom still blindfolded and stood in the shower. My hands werw shackled to the shower head and Mike turned on the water. As I stood there with the warm water streaming down my body I could hear Mike in the other room. He was ushering the men out the door and paying them for their services as they left.

One refused payment saying, "you let me fuck that shit one more time you don't need to pay me!". Mike Obliged him and ushered him into the bathroom while he attended to the rest of his guests.

He reached into the shower and turned off the water, then stepped into the shower. His rough hands grasped my ass and adjusted its position to allow him to enter me.

He shoved his cock into my abused insides abruptly and then withdrew it slowly and entirely. He then repeated the process again and again building into a slow rhythm. Each of his thrusts were powerful enough to lift my feet off the shower floor for a moment. I was being alternately filled with his huge black dick and then denied the lovely feeling of its presence inside me as he withdrew it.

He began to slowly build up the pace and grabbed my hair to pull me into his thrusts, brutally ravaging me. Each time his cock sped forward into me I felt huge balls slapping against me and his wirey pubic hair nestling against my backside.

Then he began slapping my ass with his large leathery hand. Each blow stung sharply and the mix of pleasure and pain was enough to send me over the edge.

My orgasm was explosive. Even though I was wearing a blindfold, all I could see was bright white light. I sagged against the handcuffs and hung limply as my orgasm shook my whole body. He simply continued impailing me, ingnoring my orgasm as if it had not occurred.
Slowly my rapture subsided and he still continued to thrust. He grabbed my hips so he could grind his cock deeper inside me and each thrust sent me closer to a another orgasm. His cock felt as if it were the diameter of a soda can and it had to be at least a foot long. With each deep thrust of this monster I felt as though it might pop out my mouth.

He then thrust his manhood deep inside me as it began to twitch. I could feel his penis expanding as each gush was delivered. I felt each splash of warm fluid as it painted my insides and his guteral moans of ecstacy reverberated in the confined space of the shower. This assault on my senses was enough to trigger my second orgasm.

The first one had drained me so completely that I doubted I could achieve another so soon. This orgasm was different than the first though, it lacked the intensity of the first but replaced it with a warmth that swept through my body. I felt like I was on fire as the heat passed over me in waves.

This second orgasm seemed to last forever as did his. It felt as if he were delivering a quart of fluid inside me before his cock finally began to deflate.

Once he had finished, he jerked his dick out of me just as unceremoniously as he had inserted it. I hear him lift his pants and secure his zipper. He stepped out of the shower stall without saying a word and turned the cold water on me full bore, immediately quenching the fires of my second orgasm. I heard him speaking to Mike. He told him "alright man, I catch you later" and then I heard the door close.

Mike came into the bathroom and mercifully turned off the icy water. Without a word, he towelled me off before unhooking the cuffs from the shower head. Once freed he led me back into the other room and tied me spread eagle on the bed on my back. My head was dangling over the edge. Still without saying a word he mounted my face. He was standing beside the bed, thrusting his eager cock deep into my throat with abandon. Each thrust forced its way past my tonsils and buried itself in the back of my throat. His nuts slapped my nose each time his hips sped forward, treating my nostrils to a wiff of his manly musk. His thrusting did not last long until he finally came. As he did he buried his genitals deeply into my throat, each shot of cumm oozed down my throat making slow but inevitable progress toward my stomach.

When at length he finished, he pulled his cock from my mouth and finally spoke after removing all of my restraints. "How was that for a birthday suprise?" he asked. I smiled and kissed him deeply before answering, "I loved it! Can we do it again sometime?" "Well, maybe not tonight", he said, "We need to get you home before 'you know who' suspects anything". We dressed, left the hotel room and walked to Mike's car. I was happy, and could feel all the cumm inside me that had been deposited from both ends. My insides were loose and well lubricated and I could feel them brushing against each other with each step I took.

He drove me home and stopped in front of my house, just out of range of prying eyes. I leaned over and gave him a big kiss and told him "Thank you for such an unforgettable birthday!" before getting out of his car and walking into my house.

When I got inside, the lights were out, so I quietly made my way into the bedroom took off my clothes and slipped into bed beside my wife. She woke slightly and in a drowsy voice asked "Did you have a good time at your poker game with Mike?" "Sure did honey" I answered before snuggling in against her warm form and dropping off into a blissful sleep.

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