Sex drive or Driving sex?  

rm_Syntex72 45M
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5/1/2006 10:33 am

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5/17/2006 1:10 pm

Sex drive or Driving sex?

When did it become more important to fuck everything that moves then to communicate with another person? It seems like everyone I know is trying to fuck everyone else they see. I know sex is great and everything but it all seems so lacking of any humanity.

Sadly maybe it is just pure Humanity and lacking any nature? Hard to say for sure, but I know it feels like something is missing in all the fuck to fuck madness?

Might even be fair to say I expect more from life then heathen-istic impulses and quick thrills? If that is the case I have to wonder how wrong I am to expect anything more then there is.

Maybe just maybe the only way people can connect anyone is through their most basic drives and emotions? This would explain lot in my life and how it goes.

Deep down I want someone to communicate with and enjoy them for who they are. Hopeless romantic I guess. Oh well when the time comes I will go find my bleak cave and wait for the end. Till then I will Blog.

rdy2try4 52F  
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5/15/2006 9:23 pm

Well, visual attraction is the first thing usually necessary for anything to happen. I have found that no matter how *nice* a person is, if I am not attracted to them at all I am not going to kiss them. I am sure there are many that would agree, and just as many that would disagree to that though.

As for the fast paced get into bed thing...we are surrounded by it. Tv, movies, advertisements...ALL seem to have people jumping in bed with total strangers. Most people don't you is an AD, TV, or a MOVIE...not real life. In real life you WILL one day say "who is this person beside me?" Unless you are a totally shallow person, most of us DO need conversation with someone. We DO need to have things to do WITH other people. And if you are with someone JUST for gets boring as hell.

Now I am not saying that people that do that are wrong, just it doesn't make for lasting relationships. Many people do not WANT one of those, but for those of us who do...we need more than just genitals that connect because they can. I do believe that people place far too much value on sex. I do think it is necessary and a good thing, but it should NOT be the main or only focus. I agree with you..if it is only sex you is rather faceless and empty for me also.

Hang in there. It can be done. A great guy like you WILL find a wonderful woman one day and you will be happier and in a relationship far more stable and lasting than those who just jump into bed.

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