Will I be yours....tonight  

rm_Synn74 43F
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3/27/2005 4:49 pm
Will I be yours....tonight

My thoughts sought you today ...
In my mind were little reminders of how you left a mark on my mind.
I thought of how I would please you, wishing I had a tie to wear with little else when we would choose to meet up again in a private chat.

My mind anticipates the sexual energy I will need released as you make my body react to your words..

Will you take me wildly , will I wrap my body around your hardness only to taste the gift you allow me to recieve only if I fulfill your desires.
Or maybe you will kiss my warm wet lips softly only to delve inside letting your tongue taste what my body has to offer. Or simply make love to me only to hear me cry out for you to return to hold me as you walk away leaving my body to only want more.

Either way I wait for you Master my Desires are yours to know and mine to share..

Until you call for me


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