The night I fell ( up the bus steps) for Kenny....  

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9/25/2005 9:59 pm
The night I fell ( up the bus steps) for Kenny....

Song: Anything But Mine~ Kenny Chesney

I'm sure everyone in their lifetime has fallen hard for someone well let me say I AM no different with one exception I literally fell meeting Kenny Chesney back in '97.. yep you heard me I fell up 3 steps right into the drivers seat.. All while Skip ( guitarist then) yells " Kenny she'll fallen for you " but quickly explained it was literally... Kenny could be heard in the very back of the bus as I stood up " Omg is she okay? " we quickly assured him I was .. embarrassed but fine....Skip if you're out there.. you instigator
(it's okay to laugh I did..Kenny did along with the 9 others on his bus) well at first he was worried but quickly got over it.. Maybe it was because there was a gorgeous brunette sitting across from me.. or perhaps it was because he had no where to sit (he ended up sitting on my lap ) yes girls it was heaven
We were on the bus a good 30 minutes before we all got up to leave because he still had 300 autographs to sign inside
and it was 10:30 pm so getting up to leave the goddess stepped in front of me I so didn't want to leave.. but all good things must end or soo it seemed when I stepped up handing David ( his best friend and tour guru ) the camera Kenny pulled me back "sit back down" uhhh okay.. Kenny says sit
Syn needless to say I was the last female off the bus..we flirted mercilessly laughed made each other blush and I got asked to be his guest at a show later that week and ended up hanging around while he signed autographs till 1:30 am..he was tired but adorable and I have memories of a night not too long before Kenny became who he is today.. and never made it to that show ..( yes I kick myself daily) we even managed to miss each other 2 months later.. So there ya have it a little embarassing moment in my life that looking back on it was an amazing highlight in my life bruised knees and all !!!

So how hard have you fallen

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