Seductions within a stairwell part 000005  

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9/25/2005 4:50 pm
Seductions within a stairwell part 000005

* Hot in Herre*

With each lick of his tongue my body tightened while my hands still held captive.. my knees weaker with each passing moment
god he felt good..I wanted my hands free to pull him closer grasp his shoulders and trying not to scream for fear someone might hear but I knew he would not stop his licks continued alternating between long and short and with an ocassional finger inserted.. He could not see
my face the pleasure mixed with beautiful torture as his mouth seduced me.. as his tongue delved deeper
my hips would thrust backwards..I couldn't even guide him I was at his mercy .. yet even at my vunrable state
I was able to regain some control before my body spiraled into the world beyond body beginning to orgasm and could feel his tongue begain to work deep and as he did I clenched ..working my muscles as if I was fucking his tongue.. I began to cum..
moaning I whimpered trying not to scream as I would have liked.. the harder I came the faster he licked .. pausing for a moment he whispered as he caressed my ass.. "let it go baby it's just us" as if that was my signal I screamed as wave after wave washed over me.. my knees buckling from the pleasure.. he licked till I begged him to quit.. then standing up he pulled my face to his kissing me hard and with his tongue I could smell and taste myself I didn't care .. we made out like two horny teenagers and when we caught our breath I knew that the moment I had anticpated had finally arrived ... I had to have him inside me and he knew it.. "please.."was all he needed to hear
as he moved towards me his hardness caressing me teasingly.. the door above us opened....
before I could say anything he was inside me his voice in hushed whisper telling me this wasn't the end he promised but my brain wasn't
paying attention .. I was being pounded hard and fast " don't Scream Syn please " Darius begged as the waves began to wash over me again..I bit my lower lip obeying his request
voices could be heard a moment of sexual bliss we were being invaded...

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