Seductions of A Paintbrush (erotic story for my Artist friend ;) )  

rm_Synn74 43F
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4/12/2005 11:17 am
Seductions of A Paintbrush (erotic story for my Artist friend ;) )

My phone rang answering it on the 3rd ring it was you on the other line asking me to come to your studio that you was ready for me. I grabbed my bag and keys and hurried out the door it was a rainy day typical for this time of year, the air was cool with the sun attempting to peek out ocassionally without success.

I arrived at your tiny studio it was cold and dark having been locked up for the past month the air held the scent of winter. You apologized for not having any heat as you hadn't refilled the kerosene. You had however bought some tea and coffee and promised to keep the water hot.

You asked if I had brought something to wear I nodded and asked to change you pointed to the sheet hung with copper wire. Changing behind the sheet the air teased my skin causing the hair to stand straight up the coolness of the satin fabric brushed against my skin causing goose bumps to rise.
Stepping out from the curtain you glanced at me asking if I would lie on the small bed in the corner the sheets were plaid worn flannel with a small blanket tossed at the foot of it. I laid back on the bed my short green robe rising up showing that I had nothing on underneath as requested. You smiled as you untied the robe allowing it to fall away from my skin I instinctively tried to cover my self to you, you touched my thigh with your brush asking me to open my legs for you as I did you sucked in your breath there I was exposed and open to you freshly shaven as requested wanted to reach out stroke my clit but you didn't instead you picked up your palette and dipped the brush into the paint you brushed your fingers across my left breast causing my nipple to stand erect as you swirled the thick creamy gray paint across my breast the coolness of the paint brought goosebumps to the surface of my skin causing a surge of warmth to spread between my thighs causing me to open my legs wider as your brush trailed down along my body pausing to reapply the paint to your brush often till you reached my sweet spot. You cleaned off your brush then running the brush across my clit you teased my body with soft strokes wanting more with every movement. My body started to writh from your brush's manipulation my clit became wet as you continued to paint my body into a fit of extascy I wanted to feel you inside me filling every inch of me causing the gray black and taupe colors upon my skin to mesh together creating an abstract upon my body from the result of our passion culminating in to a erotic moment of wild unabandoned sex ...

The door clicked closed as the light came on Standing there you asked smiling "Synn ready to begin now?".....

I welcome you to the House of Syn...


4/13/2005 5:23 am

hey saw that you visited my blog, thanks. wanted to say nice fantasia.

painter1169 47M

4/12/2005 11:56 pm

aaaahhhh, just as I imagined the entire scenario. Truly, an erotic artistic tale.

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