My version of therapy..What's Your's?  

Synn74 43F
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9/16/2005 7:23 am
My version of therapy..What's Your's?

Current Song: Anything But Mine ~ Kenny Chesney (entire album on constant repeat)

I have been in a crazy funk since turning 31 this past Monday.. it's now ime to pull myself out of it..and For the last 9 yrs this is how I've done it.

Me a cd player drink of choice (this morning Chai tea with cream n sugar and Mr Chesney.. sometimes it's a bubble bath a glass of Wild Island and Kenny don't ask why but the music of Kenny can soothe me in ways no prescription ever could..

In fact the entire time I was pregnant with my daughter who is now 5 whenever she became restless in my tummy I would turn Kenny on and she'd calm down instantly still to this day she goes to sleep by his music and in '02 we saw him at a sold out crowd of 18,000 in Sedalia Mo 2nd row and when " I Lost It" started my daughter fell asleep amid the chaos Kenny stopped and watched her asleep on my shoulder and just smiled her shirt read "Kenny's little fan" she loves him As much as me I think..Lol

But there is something about Kenny and his music that revitalizes me.. I will never forget the night we met..couldn't anyway I have scars (fell up bus steps)
LMAO *SMILES* at those sweet memories (thanks KAC)

it's the little things that make my life blissful

so what is your therapy

oh and the fact that he's gorgeous is just a bonus!!!

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

rm_willie8one2 71M
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9/17/2005 6:15 am

My favorite is out on my sailboat on a sunny day. Dropping anchor for a skinny dip and laying on the deck to take in the warm rays of the sun ( with plenty of UV blocker on ). Here in the great lakes the days are getting shorter and cooler and before long I will have to go with out sailing until next spring. We will play Eileen Quinn’s CD’s on nautical music, most are very funny, or some Jimmy Buffett CD’s and if we tire of that there’s always the XM radio. Come late October I will have to go to the Blues and then get “Cabin Fever” waiting for winter to end.

Synn74 43F
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9/16/2005 5:31 pm

ohhh Federer rocks! but I am a long time Agassi fan as well

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

janmecir 54M
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9/16/2005 2:51 pm

My therapy?: .....a walk in the wood by the river where the brown trout are leaping....or....reading Charles Bukowski while on a train to nowhere.... or watching Roger Federer, beautiful and sublime, around the centre court at Wimbledon - the best tennis player the world has ever seen......or thinking about the next love I'm going to live...some day soon.....

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