Is there a Fireman on the premises .....  

rm_Synn74 43F
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4/3/2005 9:59 pm
Is there a Fireman on the premises .....

Damn..... I need a cold shower there is something so erotically provacative to watch Mickey Rourke control Kim Bassinger sexually in that movie..

I want that ..a man to want me so sexually that it is beyond the limits of what some would deem unsafe
whether he had her blindfolded or made her unsure of her own desires..I crave that.. now that is not for the pervs out there to email me to say I'll tie you up when it goes beyond that..
For example I would give anything to be lying in a gorgeous wooden bed with draped in white linen sheets slightly wrinkled pillows thrown about my right hand and left leg tied snugly to each pole my lover sitting at the foot in his boxers me in nothing exposed to anyone in view of the windows .. and he caress my body with the lightest of touches teasing my body to want more only to kiss me passionately before opening the curtains to allow the people near to look at me
as i writh ..I'm embarrassed but my body craves his next manipulation as that I don't care..
I want to explore the dark erotic side of sex feeding a hunger I have yet to taste....
maybe someday but for now I can fantasize huh?


I welcome you to the House of Syn...

rm_indul_gent1 57M
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4/5/2005 8:07 am

It is the surest sign of keenly whetted appetite to recognize the pure, animal desire that paces inside that cage of decorum and acceptability. There is nothing more purely erotic than the surrender of one's self to desire .... to hunger. To know that you are wanted .... craved, to be able to submit yourself entirely to the worship of another, to allow the primitive cravings of a lover to own you, to explore without boundaries. This is surely the most erotic experience two people can enjoy.

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