Eyes of a Stranger..Desires of Syn  

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10/13/2005 9:57 pm
Eyes of a Stranger..Desires of Syn

" Hold on tight you know she's a little bit dangeous she’s got what it takes to make ends meet the eyes of a lover that hit like heat." ....~ Roxette

I can only imagine the true sight of him my eyes taking in every delicious inch of him
and knowing it would be hard to not focus on just those eyes..but his lips arms chest..
I can only envision this within my mind a fantasty created that my mind plays ever since first seeing his profile..

Would he if we ever met in person allow me to live out every minute of one of my erotic moments.. would he kiss me letting it linger before I allowed my hands to wander about his body.. feeling his arms encircle me pulling me closer as my hand sought and found the growing hardness of him..I wouldn't care if this played out in a darkened room or one lit by 1000 candles..
just me and him and my desires finally spilling over into reality if only for the one night..never asking for more than the moment..
Would he consume my entire body quenching it's undeniable thirst like a summer rainstorm falling over a field of flowers..

He is a beautiful stranger to me yet we have found each other and in the midst of it all A hunger and a need to have it saited has formed within me .. A passion I have had denied wishing to have it finally set free...

These are my thoughts my wants erotic desires ..

And he may feel differently towards me maybe only as a friend and nothing more .. but atleast he can smile in knowing of the dangerous heat he's so boldly uncovered ...........

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

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