Broken... or am I..  

Synn74 43F
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8/4/2005 2:09 pm
Broken... or am I..

This morning I was greeted to an offline from a friend telling me that they would never be online again and thanks...( we are both married)

Thanks??? I get a offline telling me my friendship of a year has been severed and all they can say is THANKS!!!

obviously my friendship wasn't worth much more than a dollar romance..

I was hurt but now I think The right word now is PISSED..

I am a person who is capable of forming lasting friendships with other men other than my husband..hell he has "girlfriends" but I don't have any "boyfriends" to speak of well not anymore anyways..

other than "T" AND it's a new one ..hoping he doesn't decide to do the same..

I suddenly feel like I'm in highschool all over again...

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

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