Blogs that make me (part 1)  

Synn74 43F
1142 posts
2/2/2006 8:21 pm
Blogs that make me (part 1)

glad I'm in blogland
love you guys ...

deepbluetoo Amazing friend who I miss more than he knows when he's not around .. love ya!

myrealloverone oh those eyes AND a great person I am glad to call a friend

[blog imnotcartman] my crush and one who makes me giggle more everyday since his I'm not Gay post

womenlooking4fun the reason why I want to be bi yuummy

a_Poetman LOVE this corner passionate and beautiful

toothysmile sooo cute!!! and can create steamy blog windows

don't worry there's more of ya

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

Synn74 43F
1206 posts
2/3/2006 4:03 pm


I welcome you to the House of Syn...

toothysmile 51M
16517 posts
2/3/2006 1:05 am

mmm... thank you SO much...
this is an honor
but also a distinct pleasure...

Feel like steaming up some windows?...

LustyTaurus 49M
21253 posts
2/2/2006 9:34 pm

I think I have a crush on saddletrampsk


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