A passion unleashed....  

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10/11/2005 12:34 pm
A passion unleashed....

I am posting an IM convo (Fantasy so needs to become reality) with a beautiful man whom I have recently encountered
I told him he should blog it..and he allowed meto share it in my own space..
Damn why must Cali be so far..

so here you go WCBLUEEYES he is the man in post pic
gorgeous eyes *drool*

he made my knuckes turn white reading so I can only imagine what the sheets or muddy ground would be like in reality..

WC: Hello gorgeous
WC: Are you still there
Syn: yes
WC: I was on the phone
WC: how are you doing the lovely morn
WC: or afternoon where you live
WC: it's okay..iwas just readingand waiting..lol
Syn: it is 12:25pmhere
WC: lol... what ya reading
Cyn: gossip on msn, blogs on AdultFriendFinder and mail..lol
WC: did you say you blogged about me last night
Syn: like 2 nights ago
WC : you told me last night though
wc: how do I find it
Syn: yes I did
syn: find my blog and look for Who is he..
WC : wow
Sean: bit feisty this afternoon
Cyn: who me..lol
Cyn: not usually..I have my agressive days

this is where the ride begins

WC : the next one of those who have should be when I am laying on my back naked tied to your bed. with my head hanging over the side of your bed. take out that medievel lust, that reckless abandon. Your aggression should measured and never found wanting. It should never be ignored but absorbed and reflected in a scene of entangled lust. The type of lust that make your vision blur and pulse race...
syn: wow..
WC: you have no idea
syn: it's been awhile since I have lustedafter someone hard..lol
WC: lol
WC: the type of lust that made you want to scream and silent panic. Grasping for invisible support for your feet and your hands.
the type of lust that made you pierce the intense blue sea of my eyes to find a captive beast without a glaze, a distraction, or even a weakness in the stride.
you realize you have met your match
as you stare down there and I with mine eyes stare back as if to say you are my prey
my captive my mouth wanders the depths of lust
carressing the inside of your thighs with strong hands your realize your time is now you are ripe for the taking you submit and do not fight, spreading your legs, allowing my tongue, my goatee, and bright blue eyes safe passage
Syn: Damn.. *blushes*
I grip the outside of your thighs and press hard taking the prize with my blue eyes I taste what it means to be a woman I suck your clit with an intensity no other has tried... flicking my tongue as you stare in my blue eyes your intensity grows as you meet my feat with your movement and cries you grab the back of my bald head with your nails as if to say please dont stop, I bury my fury in suck a way your toes begin to crack, legs begin to shake you realize that in my blue eyes is a desire, so simple yet uncontrolled I have to have nearI grab your ankles and hold them on high
spreading my path to your creamy thighs
syn: oh damn "WC" *weakens* You havn't a sense that works any longer
no sound, no taste, no word to speak out loud...
I drive my passion to brink of your release
you are now experiencing the lust that you have forgotten this week I maintain a stare
I reach up and pull your hair
I pull you into my mouth so you can taste the moist indication of your lust
you kiss me hard
with lips, tongue, and soul
are bodies become one as we embrace in utter passion
I suck on your lips and you continue scratching my back, my ass, the back of my thighs... but you never take your focus off of my big blue eyes
laying in the candlelit flickered warm summer room
it is you and I on the bed inside
as we lay there you feel what I offer grow.
I whisper into your ear that I want to know you more
Cyn: * you should blog women would melt*
I grip your ear lobe between my teeth as you grab my shaft and direct my profound fury you smack my ass with a reverence... your turn to take what is yours... your turn to melt and become one with a thick bald guy
as you slide my manhood into your depths you sigh that aching you have felt for years will subside my manhood now makes the rules as you submit to its size
Syn: mmm heaven
Sliding deeper your eyes are glued to mine
your mouth gapes open as if to say I dont want this feeling to ever go away
I begin to move and thrust what is mine I expose my dimples as I look in your eyes
my satisfaction is that you are now satisfied every movement you make will be answered by my thighs
a correographed dance in the summers night sky
as the rain begins to fall the moisture covers all my wide muscular protecting you from the rain
only to drip neatly on your sides, breasts, and legs intesity swirling our dance musters on your hands search my body for security, control, and beyond you whisper in my ear... fuck me now... fuck me harder
I respond with measured depth and location
your breathing becomes harder your eyes securely closed I can feel that spot
that spot deep inside the only encounter where our souls can collide I thrust harder and deeper answering your beck and call I reach down with my teeth and suck your bottom lip as I try
I try to explore your wild side the side that few know you grab my ass with anticipatio your grunts turn to moans cum for me I whisper cum for me now you response is intense
your legs wrapped around now meeting my thrust with your forceful desire
to fulfill the void and satisfaction you require
you convulse
shake as you release you scream my name and you rock the place the desire, that moment when you realize, I am a man on a mission
satisfaction is the game you panic as I demand you roll over, you scream my name ohhh yes... you say take me from behind I am captivated by your beauty and your focus on my blue eyes
that blue fire you have witnessed is hotter than ever imagined
the hunter has met his match as I grab your thighs and you flip your hair
I slide back inside to explore my strength and prize I reach forward grasping a handful of your hair your begin to pump harder when I take your mane in hand
You are giving me all, the question has been answered your lust is inside you, never did go away It merely required a key to unlatch it
and a man to make it go... panting harder we both reach our goal
my manhood is swollen I can not take much more you demand for me to cum I fight the urge forward stamina and grace meet heat, lust, and the chase I am through filling your souls desire
you scream out fuck me harder.... and collapse under my frame
grasping your hair and looking in your eyes
I have won
I have been awarded the prize your soul, your lust, your desires...
captured by the blue fire and my eyes mortal desire
we have finally become one.......

WC: did I mention that I cook too
syn: mmm awesome sex and food!
WC: hahaha
wc: I figured you went to sleep

syn: oh hell no that's like my ultimate fuck
WC: you can sign right here on my heart if you desire
wc: lol
WC: I hoped you saved that IM
Syn: lol yeah
wc: I give you permission to post if you like
Syn: no question bout that!
WC : let me know when you do... that could be fun

so to WC here you go sexy man
I only hope that was the first of many breathless moments to come
and I don't wanna share my new found hottie mine mine mine!!!!!*

I welcome you to the House of Syn...


10/12/2005 8:50 am

I would hope that both of you Express yourself real soon.


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