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2/8/2006 5:45 am

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My car's been picked up yesterday. My neighbour's boyfriend has a garage and they toed it from Amsterdam to there last night. I hope they'll be able to fix it. It's really shamefull to admit but I think I'm actually going to cry if I'd loose my car. She's sucha sweet cute little automobile, taking me everywhere I wanna go.. I really love her. We crossed the country together for sexy adventures.. In the middle of the night.. all alone on the highway, music really loud, I'd be driving home after I met this or that guy.. Big grin on my face.. window open, breeze through my hair.. feeling soooooo freee!! Haha she's my partner in crime!!

I've turned into a good girl now though. And I don't feel like any adventures at all anymore. The other week an adventure happened and I didnt even enjoy it. Hahaha partly probably cuz I was drunk outta my mind and I didnt even thoroughly realize what was happening.. But partly cuz it felt wrong. It was a friend of mr. G's and well everyone was drunk and all, but something was amiss. At first it was all fun & play. We were all on the bed together making jokes and playing with eachother.. But after a while Mr. G sorta withdrew himself (he was too drunk to even hold his own willy), while his friend was still enthusiastically giving me his undivided attention.. Mr. G was all alone sitting on his chair while his friend was pounding me and it made me feel guilty.. The intention in the first place was for us to have a 3some with a girl xtra, not a guy.. And now he was sitting there by himself, it just made me feel so sad.. I wanted mr. G to be his friend and his friend to be sitting in the chair.. I don't know.. it was just weird. Threesomes I guess are for people who don't care about eachother.. or for people who have a relationship in which they're really sure of eachother.. And whatever it is that mr. G and I have, it's neither or the above..
It's probably unfair but I don't even wanna think about what woulda happened if mr. G's friend wasnt a male person but a female person.. I'd probably have gone to sit in a corner and sob until they were done..

And these things are exactly the reason I quit drinking.. Well, that and the incredible sickness coming over me the next day.. I don't get drunk very often (really drunk i mean,like that night).. but when I do u can count on crazy things to happen. And crazy things can be fun as well, but sometimes they're less fun.. Gosh and the day after is so horrible.. so sick.. so nasty.. so gross and so powerlessly nauseous that it makes me feel like i'd rather die.. Even if I move my body 1 millimeter it feels i gotta throw up... so I lay still for as long as I can.. feeling sick.. and then when I gotta go to the bathroom I try to puke as well, but I can't .. ohh crap! never mind.. it's just horrible!!
A little tipsy is nice and that don't make me sick either.. but 3 Long Island Icetea's and I can write off my entire weekend!

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