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3/20/2006 7:13 pm

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Randon Thoughts..

Why is Wouter on my mind?
Round Round, baby go round!
Think! Think! You better think!

How much longer will I be alone for? I've never before been surrounded by so many women as since I've arrived here in Australia!

All my friends are male and now the only males I've been talkin to lately is either my dad or TitWiggle's 5 y/o nephew.
Women depress me cuz they remind me of myself. Titwiggle's a female bachelor. Her older sister is what i'll be like in 6 years if I'm not careful. Her younger sister is appearantly in a bad marriage. Her best friend is single. All the chicks we met while we were out in Melbourne are single.
It's like Sex & the City meets Desperate Housewifes over here!
Where are all the friggin men?!
Men & women don't seem to be hanging out much together in her circle, or so it seems. There's too many feminine hormones goin' on here. I need testosterone!

I think finally I've built up something that I'll miss when I decide to leave Holland. I'm not sure.. When I was gone for 3 months a couple of years back I didnt miss anyone I knew (xcept 4 my brother) at all.. And now I'm looking forward to a great Summer! I need to find me a house in Amsterdam. I really really want my own place! Open all the windows, let the wind blow through, turn the music loud and dance through the room!

----------Castles made of sanddddd... fall in the sea.. eventually.. ---------

Was Australia my Castle of Sand? (DDGGM was anyways) Did I have to come here to realize that I like to live where I live? I can't wait for summer at home to start.. green leaves.. I want my car! Music loud, wind in my hair.. sittin in the park on a blanky with some wine and my friends.. all goin out together.. roadtrips wherever.. Gotta quickly find a job again as well.. Cuz I'll always be travelling. I'm gonna wanna come back here too. And next year Malaysia & Thailand.. and the year after it'll be time for Peru

I'm turning 28 in a couple of weeks.. 28 on the 28th.. I'm curious what this new year will bring me
When I was 27 I had my most romantic date ever.

Random Good memories:
*Dancing naked in the dark with Wouter the Longhaired stud with his PornoCock high on xtc/coke/whatever
*Tapas bar & Redlight district date with Mr.G... well actually all dates with Mr.G

The first date wasalmost like the perfect first date *smile*
And the redlightsidstrict date was so cool! The restaurant was perfect, and we walked so much and my feet didnt even hurt once!
And then that beautifully romantic winter date!
Snow! Snow! Endless Snow! My red cheeks, cold face when I came into his office the Day before New Year's Eve. Champagne... More snow.. Boys having a snowball fight at the tramstop.. Sex in the office.. cum on my tits while we walk through the snow.. Carefully or I'll fall.
That perfect perfect restaurant with in the x-mas tree behind him the sparkly blue star... the food so nice.. and again sitting there talking till we're the only customers left..
Dressing up warmly before we went outside to go through the snow again.. stopping for a warmup drink @ the jazzbar before we walk home thru the park.. The fairytale white park.. Snowmen all around..
Hahahaha and when we get home: Counter Strike time!! The funniest engint thinkable to a date so perfect as that one.. Can anyone blame me for falling head over heels that night?

Of course my name wouldn't be sXy if I didnt go and fall for a guy that loves every woman on the planet.. A guy that's never had a g/f for longer than 3 months. A guy that spends about half of his waking (not working) time watching porn..

Nonetheless he gave me my fav. guy-memory ever

btw If u might wonder how come I'm thinking about all this at 3h46am at the other end of the world...; We watched the Omen tonight (I'm Very Bad with scary movies) and I was too scared to close my eyes.. After I called my dad he was the 1st next one to pop into my mind and these memories distracted me from the fear (which now came back because I thought about it)..

I know the perfect guy doesnt excist and I'm probably waiting the rest of my life for my dream to come true..
But meanwhile it's nice to pass time and accumulte happy memories like this, rather than lonely staring out the window for waiting for a man that might not even excist.


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