Last Day In My Life...  

SxyCrazyCool 39F
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4/26/2006 7:04 pm

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5/4/2006 8:41 pm

Last Day In My Life...

That I can post something while I'm still 27, so I better take that opportunity

Drama Galore over here.. It's unbelievable.. I'm glad I decided not to stay for an entire year because the three sisters would have me pulling out all my hair by the time I'd go back home!!

Sex & The City, Desperate Housewifes, The Godfather

The Story Continues

*Scene 1: How Desperate Housewife chased her mother to have her watch the children

*Scene 2: How Mother hid in BigTits' shop to escape the Desperate Housewife

*Scene 3: How the Mother got caught!!

*Scene 4: How Desperate Housewife hysterically called everyone up to tell them to go Get Fucked (Including her 70 y/o parents)

*Scene 5: How Bigtits & Desperate Housewife clashed, screamed their heads of and then stopped talking all together

*Scene 6: How Desperate Housewife showed up @ BigTits house, putting the Overseas Friend in an awkward position

*Scene 7: How BigTit & (eldest sister)MissTemper arrive home to explain all previous scenes to the Overseas Friend

*Scene 8: How all three of them watch Matthew McConaughey & Oprah for the zillionth time

*Scene 9: How Overseas Friend gets to have her 1st Australian drive at the wrong side of the road

*Scene 10: How Overseas Friend and Miss Temper spend 5hrs (till 7am) talking on the phone (during which -among other things- Overseas Friend finds out the Brother is a psychopath)

*Scene 11: How Desperate Housewife shows up the next morning like nothing had ever happened () leaving Overseas Friend more puzzled than ever

*Scene 12: How Overseas Friend escapes the house to go to the movies with BigTits best friend & her cousin (Inside Man, starring Clive Owen & Denzel Washington, genious movie )

*Scene 13: Update on last weeks events (==> Brothers best friend aka SexGuy came by and things got so bad out of hand (both of them walkin naked around house) that BigTit decided he couldnt ever come by the house no more to prevent from shit hitting the fan -- In which case PsychoBrother would probably make BigTit end up in the hospital and BigTit would be disowned and banned from the family (Godfather-Style)

*Scene 14: Overseas Friend comes home from the movies to find SexGuy massaging BigTits feet.

*Scene 15: Showing what happened while Overseas Friend was at the movies; Mr. LimoGuy called (drunk). LimoGuy (millionaire) asked BigTit if she's on cheap callrate so she could call him back. Flabbergasted she hung up on him while he was speaking.

*Scene 16: BigTit, SexGuy & Overseas Friend have a serious talk about men and how they're mostly after sex, about how women need to always think strategically in order to prevent getting hurt, about how depressing and fucked up that whole shit actually is, etc

*Scene 17: BigTit decides to jump in her spa and SexGuy joins her while Overseas Friend like a stupid moron fills up the tub with kettles of boiling water.

*Scene 18: Overseas Friend walks in on BigTit and SexGuy making out in the spa, survives heart-attack and manages to leave the bathroom unseen, after which she has a heart-attack in the lounge-room.

*Scene 19: Overseas Friend walks out of the house with the phone to call her friend overseas. Overseas Friend spends 2 hours outside freezing her ass off (too scared to go back in, not wanting to walk in on anything more that she'll have to keep a secret forever) catching up with all her friends overseas (which was nice

*Scene 20: Overseas Friend goes back in, believing the coast is clear to find out SexGuy is still in the house because Brothers Car would not start (TALK ABOUT FUCKING KARMA!!).

*Scene 21: How all three of them get in the car (4am) to find a petrol station that sells jumper cables, HAHAHAHAHAHA: discovering SexGuy left his money in Brothers Car (Big Brother was watching him!) & BigTits usual 50$ weren't in the ashtray (TALK ABOUT FUCKING KARMA!!)

*Scene 22: How all of them got back home again to try Brothers Car one more time, which Miraculously decided they'd had enough Karma for one night...

~* To Be Continued.. *~

Stay Tuned!!

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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4/26/2006 7:47 pm

You scared me for a minute!

Happy Birthday

Purry {=}


frangipanigal 46F
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4/26/2006 8:00 pm

Jeez!!! That'a quite a plot you have going on there!! Happy 28th Birthday...hope it includes you not having to act like an Angel...hehe!!

Frangi x

dutchpete 55M
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4/27/2006 12:16 am

Has live changed now, being a year older, since today ?

Look anyhow that you have a 'story for live' there on your 'last day of your live's' evening.

Anyhow, gefeliciteerd.

Loopylube 46M

4/27/2006 6:35 am

Gefeliciteerd Moppie.

Although some/all of that sounded very/quite serious, I couldn't help laughinig like an idiot from start to finish. Sounds like you could teach Kofi Annan a thing or two about diplomacy. Is that a normal time in their family or do they have bad times too?

SxyCrazyCool 39F

5/4/2006 8:41 pm

~*~ Purry- Hehe thank you!!! And no worries, I'll be around for a while.. even thinking bout upgrading to a paid membership.. Maybe when I come back home..

~*~ Frangi- Thank Yooouuu!! .. hehe I've been an Angel since I came to Australia!! In a week or two I might be coming to Sydney, so if LMN's around, maybe she can get My Devil to come out

~*~ Dutchpete- Hahaha tuurlijk niet. Levens veranderen usually niet op verjaardagen.. het zijn de dagen tussendoor waarop de wonderbaarlijke veranderingen plaatsvinden

~*~ Dutchman- T/y .. haha en dat was ook 'n btje de bedoeling!

~*~ Loopylube- *LOL* Hahaha this is actually quite a normal time in the family or so it seems.. when things go really bad they don't yell at eachother but they just stop talking all together.. What I've gathered MissTemper and The Brother haven't been speaking for about 4 months now.. Guess that's the way things go in a Loving Family ;p


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