Discover the round beauty..  

SxyCrazyCool 39F
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2/9/2006 12:34 pm

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Discover the round beauty..


Fat itself is Good and Healthy, Soft and Beautiful. The western society though, judges fat as ugly and unhealthy.
Many people - especially women - are a slave of this destructive believe and hurt themselves to have their fat melt away. This is an unnatural, unhealthy issue.

Feelings and potential possibilities of Creativity that reach very far [but not neccesarily need to be transferred into action and accomplishment] are Energy, these energies clot in Fat.
Fat cannot disappear as long as its necessary for the person that these energies remain clotted (clogged?).

Fat is the symbol of Energy, Power, Opportunity, Self-Cherishment and Softness. Without a physical base/shelter for these enourmous energies present in the nature of certain people, these people could go ill or insane. (It's a very normal occurrence for ppl who start dieting to sense disorders or complaints)
The balance Energy (feeligns, possible creativity, etc..) and Body, mind and matter, should continuously be preserved in a natural way.

Therefore: you are good the way you are, at any moment of your excistence, as long as you don't let urself be molded into some artificial figure that's not really you!
Follow only your inner Authority, which gives you the ideal body for you at this moment in time. Fat is not ugly or bad. As long as its necessary, as long as its good, fat wil remain where it is (no matter what u do). Don't fight this, but be solidary with your beautiful, soft, warm, powerfull, woolly/fluffy body, which preserves its muscles and layers of fat, wherever its necessary for your health. No longer doubt the perfectness of your nature: Stop seeing your fat thru the eyes of a society that merely lives superficially and doesnt even know what true love is. A society in which the woman is being proclaimed as a skinny -suction power-(??litterally translated) instead of a giving, full love.
Listen to your heart, your body: don't listen to superficial advisors, who arent able to see the true meaning of things, because they're being slurped up by these destructive convictions.

A body-form displays the individual nature of a human-being. No one is too fat or too skinny. The ideal weight does not excist. Certain "fat-places" indicate why the fat is being formed right there; and it's good. There is no need for it to disappear. Fat isnt "ugly", nor "bad" or "evil" or "unhealthy"; only people who distrust their own Nature, their Body (because they're taught to) make statements like that.
Break with this lie; show your true self and don't hide behind a false, sucking mask of a 'diet, massage, etc'.. And if the fat were to disappear at a certain moment in time, spontaneously, just like that, that's when ur inner Self knows that it's right. And might it decide to come back at some time, then it will be just as good and healthy and beautiful.
Don't live to the outside world, but live from your deepest Nature, from your actual Being: then you'll see where fat is good to be on your body.
When you don't 'lie' to yourself by e.g. going on a diet, while its in ur nature to be round. Only then you can meet a partner who loves YOU and not an ILLUSION of you.
As long as your partner wants you as long as and because you meet the image of this skinny-no-fat-form, there's no love for your actual Being. Let go and open your heart for these friends who wish to share your golden treasure (your heart, your fat, your love, your softness..) in truth.
And discover the round beauty..

this all freely translated from a book by a Dutch author [Christiane Beerlandt] called: The Key to Self-Liberation check amasondotkom

calis1978 39M
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2/9/2006 3:40 pm

A very good mood, it becomes you

massagekoning 45M

2/10/2006 9:38 am

yeah well...
i do agree that 'if one isn't bothered "physically" with being fat' to be mentally stressed about it just because of what others might think.

so if you're fat and don't feel physically hampered by i'd say fuck em all and just be happy.

however, being fat is and will never be healthy.
that's a medical fact no matter what Christiane Beerlandt says.

believing that it isn't bad for you is lieing to yourself but then again everybody is stil free to make themselfs believe what ever to want to.
so if you choose to fool your self don't start complaining the moment your arteries clog up or you start getting heart problems.

i think publications like the one you posted are just intended to make you feel good by twisting the truth

SxyCrazyCool 39F

2/14/2006 1:28 pm

Well ya don't have to take everything u read litterally do ya? .. It was meant as a lil pick me up for girls like me when they're feeling depressed or rebellious about/against the anorexic-skinny-rules of the media in our modern-day society..
Gosh.. u should know me a lil better by now..

massagekoning 45M

2/15/2006 9:05 am

well you shouldn't take it personally...

i agreed with the opinion that chubby women should'n feel bad because the commercial world dictates such and such.

but denying the health issue is fooling yourself... which is never good.

anyway... you know i really like chubby women...

Gosh.. u should know me a lil better by now..

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