Captain Shit and the Legend of the Black Stars  

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7/2/2006 6:44 am

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Captain Shit and the Legend of the Black Stars


Hows that for a captive post title??

I was actually just gonna blog:


(quoting my former housemate)

And I was googling for a nice picture to go with the post.. and this one is what I found... It's a piece of art by someone called Chris Ofili.. And I thought it was so funny I had to share that with everyone..

Okay.. so now the post is longer than I planned already, so I might as well write a little bit more..

Why am I so happy I could shit? I'm not sure..

The weather is amazing.. Superb.. EXACTLY the way weather is supposed to be in the summer... Hot, nice and hot.. the horny kind of hot.. but with a soft cool breeze every now and then.. and those really sultry warm evenings.. It's the kind of temperature where you can really quickly swirl your arms all around without feeling the air.. The kind of weather I call "no-weather".. but actually its the best kind of weather there is!!

The kind of weather you can walk through the city till 5 in the morning never feeling chilly or cold.. the kind of weather that keeps people up and about untill the wee hours in the morning... the kind of weather that makes everyone wanna fuck their brains out.. the kind of weather that makes ur pussy drip from hornyness.. the kind of weather that makes every drink hit you twice as hard as during winter..
The kind of weather that makes you so happy you could shit!!

Yesterday I realized that it must be possible to become insanely happy. This whole weekend I was so happy it felt like I was going to burst into a million pieces.. But I didnt. And there was just NO WAY to express all this happiness... I was smiling so much my face went numb.. but still I could not express all of my happiness.
And the funniest thing is that I don't even know why I'm so happy.. (apart from the weather)

I was with that guy I met on here in the winter. The one I went on my Most Perfect Date somewhere around Christmas... He really is a very nice guy .. and being with him is so incredibly comfortable! All I have to do is be. And I'm loving it.. there is no strings attached.. no expectations, no demands.. we just are. Sometimes we are together for a couple of days.. and then we don't see eachother in weeks.. it doesn't matter.. because we just are

Oh gosh I have so many more things to tell.. But again I wanna go outside.. My mother's garden is The Garden of Eden.. It must be paradise.. hundreds of roses (pink, red, orange, white, salmon, etc).. clematis.. passionflower.. all in bloom and smelling ever so sweetly... I need to enjoy my Last Summer in Paradise.. (what a cool title for a book)

Yeah.. so all those things .. I'll write them some other time... or maybe not ..
Just shortly: I wrote my bigtitted ozzie friend's sister the letter.. I mailed it to miss bigtit and she loved it!! I'm so happy bout that too! I was so scared that they were gonna hate it..
Oh and next time (or maybe never) I'll have to discus what my friend I met on here told me about fat people and the way his friends think about them. I was truely shocked when he told me how some men think.. very pathetic actually.. but he said he couldnt believe how naive I was for not knowing about this.. He couldnt believe how I can be so fat and not realize how other people think about that.. He couldnt believe that I go through life completely oblivious about the negativity surrounding fat people..
Maybe I'm weird.. maybe those people are weird.. I don't know.. When I go out I get flirted with.. when I walk in the street I get flirted with.. when I'm in the traffic jam I get flirted with.. Are all these people making fun of me then?? It's like he suddenly told me that the sun is black or something.. Very strange awareness.. I think I better not give all that too much thought.. I don't really care what people like some of his friends think about me. If they see me in a club and laugh at their friend for wanting to chat with me because I'm fat.. how pathetic are they?
This guy (my friend) he told me that he thinks that compared to thin girls I loose about 95% of the male population, meaning that 95% of the male population wouldn't even consider dating me because I'm fat.. hahahaha I looked at him as if he were insane, but he really seemed to mean it.. and then he told me how his friends are.. and that most of the superficial mass thinks that way. My friend likes his women to have some flesh.. to have an ass he can grab and some handles to hold on to.. (not sO fat as me, but quite a bit bigger than the thin fashion image the media feed us) And when he's in a club or a bar and he sees some chick he likes and points her out his friends laugh at him "Her? But .. she's... FAT!!".. lol and she'd have like a size 12 maybe.. Pardon my ignorance then, but doesn't that mean his friends have some screws loose up in their heads? Am I really the oblivious one then? .. I think not. But he kept being amazed at my naivety..
Then he says, your problem is your friends. Your friends have known you forever. They know how cool you are and they don't see what you look like, they just see who you are. Plus.. well dispite the fact that you are fat, you can have it. Some people are fat and they look like a tree-trunk, or a huge pear.. or a big apple on 2 sticks.. but you still look like the cola-bottle, just a really big one.. and aside from your body there is something about you.. Hahahahaha he said: you're a little light in the darkness..
Hahaha i was laughing so hard.. it was so cute how he said that!
I know I have a certain vibe.. charisma.. sexappeal.. whatever.. but a light in the darkness hasn't anyone ever called me before!

He is without a doubt my favourite fb ever

Anyway... look at all those words!! I wrote a long post after all!! U satisfied Loopy? ;p

And although this blue is a very pretty colour and I'd love to write more in blue, it really is time for me to go outside now though and lie in the sun, drink some fresh cool rose and eat cherries



frangipanigal 46F
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7/2/2006 9:40 pm

I hope your happiness is contageous....i'll be over in a flash for a dose (actually make that 2) if it!

Glad all is so well in your world,

Frangi xx

Loopylube 47M

7/3/2006 9:13 am

LMFAO. That. WAS. Mind. Vomit!

Yes, I'm satisfied for now babe. I have to disagree with you on the weather thing. Sure the evenings are perfect for sitting on a terrace chatting with friends. Work during the day is an absolute nightmare though. Could you come up to Almere and beat my boss into submission on our "get fucking air-conditioning!" argument which is now into it's third summer.

It's good to hear you're so deliciously sorted on the ecstatically happy front. I hope it never wanders too far from you.

As for the weight thing; I have the thing with people feeling that they have carte blanche to point out my imperfections. I have it from the opposite end of the scale though. My body has found a size that it's happy with and I don't see who I am to change it. If you're healthy and in proportion I don't see what the problem is. The most telling part of your blog was, "Then he says, your problem is your friends. Your friends have known you forever. They know how cool you are and they don't see what you look like, they just see who you are." I thought that was how friends were supposed to be. I certainly wish more people were like that.

rm_vaihtelu1969 49M
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7/6/2006 12:05 pm

I'm happy that I got to the finnish of your post without any pauses Can't you make them any shorter and without that bright light's hurting my eyes baby! ???

Here's how I can call you now... Light green pear to die for !!!

Guess what...I'm probably coming to Amsterdam before November on a business trip...You just gotta show me around babe!

-Vaihtelu1969 to spice you up-

SxyCrazyCool 39F

7/16/2006 2:14 pm

~*~ Dusty- Thank you

~*~ Frangi- If I could put it in a parcell and send it over to Oz I'd be at the postoffice already!!

~*~ Loopy- You still alive? Or u melted down to a puddle of Loopy by now?
As for what he said bout my friends.. he didn't mean it as a real problem. It was more to say that because of how they are, I don't really get confronted much with the way I look, which doesn't increase motivation to do something about it..

~*~ Macker- Thank you!!! And are u still coming to Holland? I'm leaving for France in two weeks though! .. but if u still come u can see the garden for urself

~*~ Vaihtelu- That would be sO great!!! Let me know in time so I can keep the time free


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