A Soldier of Fortune in AFFF  

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11/14/2005 6:24 pm

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A Soldier of Fortune in AFFF

There once was a soldier of fortune,
Who hack'd and kilt all day.
And one mornin' the soldier 'scovered,
there was no one left to play.

He gnashed his ol' teeth to a point,
a point that they were bloddy and bare.
No one in this ol' battl'field,
No one and no one would care.

And the mighty ol' sword wielder,
after a grundt and a groan (and maybe a whim)
Had no one, but no one to play with.
But was cause by no one but him!

So the moral to stories just like mine,
If you pardon the rough in the rhyme,
If you slay with instead of play with,
You willie will be floppy like mine.

So onward and upward with playtime,
No matter if short or if small.
We'll play and we'll play and we'll play
Or we willn't fet laid at all!

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