How big is too big?  

Sweetstuff0990 54F
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3/10/2006 8:25 pm

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How big is too big?

One of the ?biggest? questions women talk about when discussing sex is how large they like a guy?s penis to be.

There is not doubt that a large organ has a lot going for it. Since I became sexually active, (God, how long ago was that?), I?ve been with guys off all sizes. From about four to larger than twelve inches and it really is an incredible turn-on to have sex with a well hung guy. It?s not just that it feels differently when its inside but it?s also psychological. A big penis is more visually stimulating, more sexual, more erotic. I don?t think women want large penises the way guys want big boobs but size really does matter, especially if its just with a guy for a one night stand or short term, physical thing.

A big penis starts to become a problem after a while if you are in a long term relationship. The novelty of a larger organ wears off when you have to take a rest and heal up, which is common when you are dating a guy. With the larger guys I?ve been with, its fun at first, especially while the guy is gentle but after a while they start to get careless and it can hurt if not done right.

When I was younger, I could enjoy a larger guy fairly frequently as long as we were careful but as I get older, I need to rest a few days between sessions. This is frustrating for me and the guy and sort of dampens the mood. Also, anal is absolutely out with a larger guy.

I used to be giddy when I occasionally met one of those really big guys who was ten or eleven inches but now I try to avoid them. Its just too much and it really tears me up. I still find it attractive but just can?t handle a really big guy anymore. Now, I?m completely satisfied when a guy is six to eight inches. Anything beyond that is more trouble than it is worth. Another drawback about large guys is they tend to want to do it without a condom, which can be dangerous, especially if it?s a one night thing.

What do other people think? Ladies, what do you prefer in terms of size? Guys, do you find women satisfied with whatever your size is?

Cdav3556 41M
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3/12/2006 7:29 pm

In most of the cases with women that I have talked to, the perfect size is generally 6 to 8 inches. Some women are deeper inside than others, yet some just can't take to much. In my experiences, I have found that women appreciate it more when you pay attention to what you are doing with what you have, more so than if you just fly right in and go at it with a jackhammer. I used to be insecure because all I heard was about the 10 incher. Now I am perfectly comfortable with what I have (somewhere in the 7 to 7.5 range, its been a while since I checked). I now tend to pay attention to reaction and do a lot more feeling in order to give my best. I have found it to be most satisfying for us both.

I hope that I shed some light on what you asked.


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