The Hippie & the Nun  

Sweetpickles69 48F
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8/25/2006 7:08 am

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8/28/2006 6:38 am

The Hippie & the Nun

A hippie got on a bus and sat beside a hot nun.
"Can I have sex with you?" said the hippie.
"No, I save myself for god."

She was quiet until she got off. The bus driver said, "I know how you could have sex with her."


"Well, she goes to the cemetery every tuesday night, so you can hide and wear a white robe and put glow paint all over your body and say you are God."


"Then you force her to have sex with you."


So on Tuesday the hippie went to the cemetery and saw the nun. He poppped out and said he was God and said she had to have sex with him.
The nun said, "How about up the ass so that I remain a virgin."

He said ok and after the sex he ripped off his robe and said "HA hahahahaha!! I'm the hippie!"

The nun ripped off it's robe and said "Hahahaha I'm the bus driver!"


purpletrashcan 52F
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8/25/2006 11:11 am

He he he he he!

Pull My Fucking Hair!

strongelk2006 54M

8/25/2006 8:52 pm

Now that's just wrong,,,To funny. You should know that nuns don't get outside,,they get it from somewhere else..hint,,hint. He most of been high and blind,,,at least I hope he was.



rm_cutechubby8 47F
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8/28/2006 3:14 am

A hippie was walking down the street one day when a pixie fell on him."Today is your lucky day!" said the pixie,"I'm gonna give you two wishes.What will be your first one be?"

The hippie thinks for a moment and then says,"I want a never ending joint!" So the pixie snaps his fingers and there's this king-sized joint.

The hippie lights up and starts puffing. After five hits, the joint is still the same length. Next the pixie says," And number two?"

The hippie replies,"This is so cool man!Gimme another one!"

Sweetpickles69 48F

8/28/2006 6:37 am

Thanks Cutechubby8! I like that joke even better, but what's that Hippie going to do when he gets the munches!


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