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8/16/2006 8:07 am

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Alternative Song Lyrics

This song is to the tune if "Frosty the Snowman":

Heather likes leather,
& whips & chains & belts.
She likes the things that swing & sting
& leave long purple welts.

Heather likes leather,
She's a biker girl at heart!
She likes the things that vibrate & gyrate
& have to be kicked to start!

A couple of others:

"Don't Be Cruel to My Throbbing Tool!"
(Elvis's Don't Be Cruel)

"Don't Close Your Thighs!"
(Kix's Don't Close Your Eyes)

"I've got Big Bowls, He's got Big Bowls,
but She's got the biggest bowls of them all.
My bowls are always passing, from the left & to the right, & It's my belief that my Big Bowls should be smoked every night"
(AC/DC's Big Balls)


tadpudgy 57M

8/16/2006 9:11 am

Great post.........great minds think alike!!!!!!!!!! My mind is in limbo at the moment, but i will respond with 'twisted' lyrics!!!!" MUUAAHH=GASMS!!!!!!!!!!!

ZZ_Todd 60M

8/16/2006 9:54 am

Does this mean I can stop writing my Twisted Tunes?!? (I've got a really nice one planned for you... for later!)

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8/16/2006 9:27 pm

^ Pickles . . . Got a chuckle out of this. I can see you singing this now

Warm Regards,
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