Thoughts of last night  

SweetestTouch81 35F
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8/7/2005 9:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Thoughts of last night

Sitting here thinking of you and the way you made me feel last night...

You welcomed me to your home with a sweet, innocent kiss...not exactly what I expected. After a few glasses of Merlot you leaned over to kiss my neck, then my lips. I could feel my anticipation and desire for you growing. You continued to kiss the nape of my neck, my cheeks, my lips. Somehow, your hands found their way to my tits. I lean into your kisses desiring more. You asked if I wanted to go to your room with you...I readily accepted. Almost immediately, the passion and mounting desire surfaced and brought the two of us together kissing, desperately wanting each other. I kicked off my heels. You slowly, painstakingly undressed me...first my blouse, then my skirt. You leaned back to notice me in my pink bra and said I was beautiful. As I helped you undress, you unhooked my bra and cupped my breasts. Your lips left my neck and found their way to my waiting, erect nipples. Gently you licked them before taking them into your mouth. I could feel the moistness between my legs growing. Your hand slipped down to remove my panties, the only article of clothing left between us. Your tongue explored my body from my nipples to my very wet, very exited pussy. I begged you to touch it, but you were being such a tease...finally, your tongue lightly licked my erect clit...your fingers slid inside of my very hot and slippery slit. I wanted so much more of you. I asked you to lie on your back. I stroked your manhood until you begged me for I was in control. I ran my tongue around the head until you couldn't take it anymore. I asked if you had enough, you begged me not to stop. Slowly, I took nearly all of your cock(since I have no gag reflex) into my mouth. I sucked you until you begged me to straddle your face so that we could pleasure each other simultaneously. I obliged until finally I begged you to slide your rock hardness into my dripping slit. You placed my legs on your shoulders and slipped yourself into my tightness...

If only every night could be so great!

dunno1014 53M
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8/8/2005 10:05 am

Wow. Could you be any more perfect? I am so jealous of whoever you are talking about.

redmustang91 58M  
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8/11/2005 10:27 am

Guess you don't just like females! You rock, girl!

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