Sacred Sex - Union with the Divine  

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4/16/2006 8:09 pm
Sacred Sex - Union with the Divine

Are you familiar with the term "Sacred Sex"? If not then allow me to try and explain what I know of it. I welcome any comments of a disputive or corrective nature.

Basically it is grounded in the belief that the bringing together of two opposing principles in union creates well ... Unity and makes whole. This belief is symbollically represented in Taoism (Ancient Chinese philosophy) as the Tao Te Ching which many refer to as Yin and Yang - a circle with a dark part and a light part - each part containing a small part of it's opposite.

The Yin and the Yang represent all of the opposites existing in the universe and within each individual to balance each other out, eg. light - dark, dry - wet, off - on, good - evil etc. All of these opposites originally existed as one but they fragmented and now exist in their separate manifistations.

Through the practice of Yoga, which means "To Yoke together" the symbol of which is a "Yoke" used to harness animals together and to a plough or cart, a Yogic practitioner seeks to Yoke together all of those internal forces opposing each other to create a unity within and thus individuation.

Taoist (Sacred) Sex, Tantra and Kama (of which the Kama Sutra is the Guide) strives essentially for the same goal through also achieving sacred bliss of physical pleasure whilst bringing together the opposing male and female principles that are manifest between two individuals and within each separate individual. This achieves not just a pleasurable union of two individuals but the sublime bliss of unity with the divine.

I do not believe this must be restricted to married couples not even those within a long term relationship although for practical reasons of social order, hygene etc. that has been the recommended practise. With the appropriate precautions that exist in the modern age I believe that Sacred sex is not only quite possible between total strangers but is even quite desireable provided there is plenty of love and tenderness.

I love rough, raw, naughty sex play, but I am really intrigued by and interested in exploring this area of sexuality.

What do you think?

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