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8/24/2006 1:00 pm

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For the past month now Jake & I have been hooking up with a married couple we met on AdultFriendFinder. Last night the wife was away so I got to share the two guys.
There’s only one thing better than getting fucked by a guy and that’s getting fucked by two guys. I think having two guys all to myself is one of my favorite sexual scenarios! I mean we all know that one hard cock can only last so long but if you have two stiff pricks then you double the fun and double the cum.

It was the third time that we had met this couple, Lori the wife was away that night so I told Jake that I wanted to have you & Jim the husband just to be in on the action. We all know how I love getting my little fuck hole pounded by big dick cocks so I suggested we invite Jim over for some threesome action. Since Jake loves watching me fucking other guys he eagerly agreed and even said, “I’ll call him right now!”

When Jim arrived we didn’t waste any time with small talk, I simply dropped to my knees and began feeling up the packages belonging to the two men who were about to fuck the living hell out of me. I quickly got them both out of their shorts and began sucking them off as visions of them drilling my cunt filled my head.

One would fuck my pussy while I sucked the other off and then they would switch. I wanted to be sure that I experienced them both in my mouth and my pussy before they shot their sticky loads all over my face! I had been fucked good and hard and my wet hole had been completely satisfied. I then knelt down in front of my two studs and demanded they plaster my face with their seed!

Neither of the guys left me disappointed, they both busted their nut all over my face. Most of it shot into my wide open mouth and down my throat but a few spurts missed their target as they splashed across my face and I loved the situation of being in control of two hard cocks. Lori arrived too late to take part but next time she said that she would love to have Jake & Jim by herself while I watch, I totally agreed to what she asked. I think I'm going to enjoy our new friends.

UdderUzbegCirri 51M
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8/27/2006 10:13 pm

Hey sounds like every one had a cumming good time !!! Hell I almost lost a load reading it!!!

house44444 45M

8/30/2006 3:51 pm

Wow that sounds incredibly fun if you ever need some help with that and are in the appleton area I would love to help you with any of your needs!!!


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