what a way to start a new year!!  

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1/18/2006 4:53 pm

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7/3/2006 11:52 am

what a way to start a new year!!

So I have been on A F F for a yr (- a 3 mnth hiatus) Yes Dale a whole yr already lol! when I started I had no expectations, I learned not to have any with anything I do that way eveything that turns out good is a nice suprise, (sometimes a Massive suprise)
I filled out the profile honestly with all my expectations for all to see, I got some good resonses some flakes & jacksses too, persistant & pushy ones, i did a pretty good job of filtering out who i wanted to share some fun with. I did it first thru a f f e-mail then IM chat & some made it to the meeting point some fell by the wayside, then there was one, one who slipped under my radar of just havin fun enjoying life & keeping my heart out of it, which i had done successfully for 6 months didnt put my heart into it, massive mistake, because HE snuck in somehow he got hold of a vital organ & by the time I realized it it was too late i was in, knee deep fallin fast wondering would he still be there to catch me when I fell all the way?? he scared me a time or two. Had me wanderin around in circles in a daze trying to figure iut what to do with myself now that he had a hold on me. So I did what I know best, kept going meetin new people havin fun walkin around in a daze, & our paths cross agin he is holdin on tighter this time so I let go, let it all out figure I had nothin to lose, give it a chance, go for it all or nothin right Greg? BAM he knocks me off my feet then catches me & steals my heart completely all in one blindsided move, way to sneak up on a gal M baby, so now here I am half of a couple, like milk & oreos, P B & J, Green olives & pimentos. lol here to stay glad to be part of the chance we are takin together its going to be a great ride Massive baby, xoxoxoxo, your SweetSpot

Massiveone89475 52M

1/18/2006 9:45 pm

What can I say.... I have been a fool for a long time, now I have awaken to the smell of life. The smell is sweet and wet like the bedsheets after an awesome night with the sweetest woman that I have had the pleasure to meet in a very long time.
I plan to keep her happy as well as myself.
I am so glad that I met Tony and Nikki as well as Opy and Stac without them this journey would never have started. To my Bro.. you are right an ANGEL. Thanks to you all
Hugs and kisses my wet spot.
Your mass

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