letting go.....  

SweetWetSpot4U 48F
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4/10/2006 8:38 pm

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letting go.....

It may seem to you that i m gone
that i turned & walked away
but like the flowers need the rain
baby i need you near, & dont know how
its to be without you in it

I never needed anything more
never before till i met you
now its all i can to do
just to live & breathe a life
without you in it

It still amazes me how your words,
your touch affect me so in many ways
how my heart skips a beat when i think
i see a car like you drive, go by
without you in it

I have a t-shirt you once wore
to lay my head on at night
it just isnt the same here
without you in it

then i remember your loss
and its such much deeper
your living the rest of life
without her in it

I would trade any tears i have
just to see you smile, to see
that you go on happy livin life
living a life with you in it

i know your sad & your heart is broke
your not sure just where to go
take a step go forward live life
with you in it

Dont let the chances pass you by
dont dwell on regrets of the past
just make your everyday better than
this life your livin without you in it

hold your memories close to your heart
have your past in your mind to learn from
you cant go back & undo whats done
but make today a life worth livin
with you in it

I hope this is something that you understand
I may not be right there by your side but my
heart holds what we had close to my mind
& makes it hard to live this life
without you in it

I will always be here for you your in my heart
part of my mind, being, feeling of my soul
i opened my arms & let you go once
now i believe even more thats
why you came back to stay
in my life with you in it

so i stand here lost without you
fighting to wake & open my eyes every day,
holding my arms open for you my friend
I cant hold my breath for you but i cant breath
in my life without you in it

Even more than any of these things
i want for you a life of happiness
& pure joy, even if its a life
without me in it

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