Peace & Stillness....  

SweetWetSpot4U 47F
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4/8/2006 3:09 pm
Peace & Stillness....

This is what you asked of me
I care enough to give you that
but you cant tell me to go on
livin my life without you in it
down the road we started on together
Theres no way in turning back now
in the choices we made, you & I

I know that you stumbled & fell
your sad & lost, so just reach out
the hand you used to hold my face in
I will be there to hold your heart

Look into my eyes, see that I am here
Feel it in your soul I'm not goin anywhere
I wont tug & pull you, but give you space
Soon you'll be back on your feet again

Maybe you'll be still be scared to be lost
Then you'l turn around & see me standing there
In my peace & stillness waitng for you
arms outstretched, & my heart wide open
walking right beside you down the path we chose

for now i give you peace & stillnes
its all that i can do not to reach out
to pull you close & try to make you believe
that we were meant to be here on this path
here for eachother holding our arms out
so we are free to be together you & I
to come & go but thats what makes us stay
& want to hold the others heart so close

so i give you time & space for you to be
& all i ask of you is hold my heart close
& your arms open & i will always be here

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