A voice from my past.....  

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4/12/2006 4:23 pm

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A voice from my past.....

called me on the phone, i hadnt heard this voice
in quite some time. It was good to hear his voice, this old friend of mine seems like yrs since we last talked but had only been a month or 2
we talked & caught up on eachothers news then we started talking about about old times he said that he knew my heart had been broken, & i didnt deserve it to be this way, & if he could change anything for me he would he said this guy that broke your heart was he worth it, i said yes, but i dont feel like that now, he said no one deserves your love your too good for him anyway, did he lie to you did he cheat on you if he hurt you bad or hit you i will kill him i said no its not like that, i told him why my heart was broke because his was breaking to for the loss of his mother, he said how sad that this man couldnt reach out to the one person that would have helped him & stood by him the most & never turned her back on him, i said yes maybe he will see it someday maybe he wont

then he claimed he was sorry for the things in our past that he had done & never meant any of things he'd ever done or to hurt me to said he always cared for me more than i would know I was his world to him he didnt want to let go told me all the times he thought of me how he missed my humor & wit my smile most of all my friendship meant the most he says he loved the way i looked at him So many other things he said to me then there was silence i didnt know what to say but somehow i found the words , the courage to tell him all the things i ever wanted to how i felt when he left me, when he lied to me how i felt when he came to see me after i married i let it all go i figure i had nothin to lose i thought he'd hanfg up the phone & be gone all i heard was silence on the other end then he spoke, words i will never forget he told me he loved me he always did he said no matter where u are i always will that i was always more than a friend to him I couldnt believe what i just heard. all this time the years that had gone by, now he comes to me confeses all & i am speechless, cant find the words to tell him that way back then all the times we were together & we were apart he maeant the world to me, we had great memories, we were best of friends, but what could i say now? I am torn, a past that i wanted back then has come back but my heart is with another....but i dont know where that is. So i just cried i didnt know what to say i said i need some time to think it all over he said yes I know then he said just one last thing he said give me another chance i said i need time we hung up the phone i am still in a daze so much to think about now what do i do... need ime to think

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