Sexy Guy entanglement.. Part 2  

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7/25/2005 4:26 pm

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Sexy Guy entanglement.. Part 2

As I am surprised that my pussy is so sopping wet, I watch him stroke his cock.. a true Woodsman. He asks me if I want that cock? Yes, I do.
He stands up and walks over to me... waving his cock in front of me like a flag. I am anxious to have him in my mouth again, all I can think about is wrapping my lips around that big, beautiful cock.
He tells me to get up on the bed and lay on my back. I do just that. He scooches my butt to the edge of the bed, and holds up my legs.. and stares at my pussy. I cum right then. Just from him looking at my sweet little snatch. I can feel the pussy juices running down to my ass crack. He drags his cockhead over my clit.. and plays with my clit with his hands. He first slips in one finger, and then two.. finger fucking me so good that I can't help but cum. Did I neglect to mention that I am multi-, multi-orgasmic? hehehe.
I hear the tear of the wrapper, and then he kneels forward ever so slightly. Sexy Guy slips his cock in slowly and feeds it to me, inch by inch. Mmmm.. I love the feeling of when a cock first goes in. So tight and hot. My body is shaking from the adrenaline rushing through me. He starts to fuck me slow, and it is orgasm after orgasm from the gates. He's tapping my pussy, fucking me so good.. and all I can see is colours and light.
The look on his face is pure bliss.. he truly is an Alpha male. I love being taken like this, fucked so good by someone who actually knows what the hell they are doing.
We fuck in that position for a little while.. and then he tells me to get to the end of the bed. Assume the doggie.. he says.
As I am getting into position, I naturally drop my chest to the bed.. putting an arch into my back, and my ass straight up in the air. My knees are on the chaise, and he asks me if I'm gonna fuck him good. So of course, I try to back my pussy onto his cock when he gets behind me. He slaps my ass.. kinda hard.. and says, I'm fucking you! Oops.. my mistake. hehehe.
He slides his cock into my pussy, and starts to fuck me. I am a little caught off-guard, as I am used to fucking back against my partner.. and now, I am being told to hold still. Different, but oh-so-nice to have someone else take control. He fucks my pussy for a while.. slow, then fast, soft, then hard. I'm cumming like a freight train.. over, and over, and over. I can't stop cumming. Everytime he touches me.. my back, my ass, my leg.. I just cum.
I can hear his breathing change, and he asks me where I want him to cum. Can I cum in your mouth? Of course, I say.
So he pulls out of my pussy, and says, turn around here and sit down. I sit on the chaise, and he stands in front of me. He pulls off the cover, and strokes his cock right in front of my face.
I lean forward to wrap my mouth around him. He says, wait.. wait, not until I cum. So I wait, but I am so anxious to taste his juice. I lean forward quickly, and he pulls back.. not so greedy, he says.
So I pull back, and can see his cock thickening.. turning purple.. a little bit of cum comes out. I catch it, and swallow. Again, I catch it and swallow. This goes on five or six times, and he finally lets me put my mouth on his cock. Mmmmm... so sweet of him. hehehe.
We shower, and then chat. We agree that we will have to do this again, very soon.

Now, let me bring you up to speed. I have a girlfriend that is one of my favorite pussies to play with. She is smokin' hot. 5'10", dark hair, dark blue eyes, medium breasted, athletic build, smart. Great eyes, beautiful smile. And one of the tastiest pussies I have had the pleasure of nestling my mouth into. I will call her Jane. So I send photos of Sexy Guy to Jane, and photos of Jane to Sexy Guy. We agree that it would be a good idea for a 3way. I set it up, and it falls through. I try again, and it falls through again. I try a third time, and no go, so Jane is no longer on the preferred playmate list for 3ways. I will try her again in a few months, after she has sufficient space to breathe. I can be a little insistent when it comes to setting up a 3way between myself and two of my favorite playmates. I have, though, in the meantime discovered a playmate that is also smokin' hot, and wants to play with me and Sexy Guy this week. The gal whom is on the list for this week is Liz. She is 5'5", auburn hair, green eyes, and a kickin' bod. We have played together before, and I can't wait to have my hands on her again.
I will give you the complete story on our playdate, as soon as it happens.
So I am off, and as I always say..
Be Good. And if you can't be good, be good at it.
Sweet Thing

rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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7/28/2005 11:46 am

Wow, this is the longest dream I have ever had!

rm_guinness663 36M

7/28/2005 11:51 pm

damn girl you have just blowen my mind and i just cant explian how talented you r

SexyDancerLB 40M

8/8/2005 1:41 pm

Turning fantasy into reality is one of my favorite aspects of life. It seems that our realities may be coming to a crossroads. I will be planning my fantasy with you, very soon.

SweetThing1117 replies on 4/18/2006 12:47 pm:
Hmm? Did you say your fantasy with me? Hehehe...

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