Ahhh... I LOVE Thursdays!  

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8/26/2005 6:53 pm

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Ahhh... I LOVE Thursdays!

It really started out like any other day.. a phone call from my girlfriend.. saying she needed to come over and sit on my face.
So I told her to come on.
She gets to my house, and I am all over her. She is looking particularly tasty.. with a sheer blouse on, and a little short skirt. Cute shoes.. gladiator shoes, I called them.
I needed to hang up some copper lanterns on my porch, so she stepped outside to watch me.
As soon as I got up on the stool.. her hands were all over me. She wanted to give my neighbours a show, and I just wanted her to keep touching me. Call me a Touchaholic. hehehe.
I get all of the lanterns hung, and need to go online for a minute. We start talking, me and my girl.. and decide that we want to be on film. But who's going to hold the camera?
I have an idea, I tell her. There is an old boyfriend of mine online right then. Now let me give you the skinny on this guy. First of all, he's smokin' hot. Tall, dark hair, with blue eyes.. and some very nice ink work. I'll call him Mercer Island guy. hehehe.
I ask him if he would do me a favour. He says what? I ask him if he would hold the camera for me and my girlfriend during some hot lesbian action exchange. He says, you're kidding? I say no, completely serious. He says, nice.. when? I say how about next week? He says, how about tonight. I say, sure.. what time? He says, later.. about 8ish? I say, Yes! He says, you know I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you when I see ya, right? I say, oh no! hehehe. So then, we're on for tonight.. call me when you get close to my house. Then, I have to go.. her pussy is waiting for me. Now, I haven't seen this guy friend of mine in almost 2 years.. which is waaaayyy too long to wait for some playtime.
I tell my girlfriend that we should practice for tonight, and off we go to my room. I tell her to take off her clothes, and like a good girl.. she does.
I strip down too, and she's ogling me with her big, beautiful blue eyes.
Damn, she's hot. I can't hardly wait to bury my tongue in her tight little box.
I tell her how sexy she is. How I love the way she touches me. I climb onto the bed, and gently caress her. She has the softest skin. And she always smells so good. I ask her what can I do to seduce her? I want to get really good at it.. and I can't improve if she doesn't tell me what she wants.
She says, just touch me.
So I do.
Again, and again.
I start at her beautiful face. I caress her, playing with her hair.. and kissing her all over. She smells sooo good. Her scent is making my pussy tingle. I love it when I feel like this.
I start kissing down her body. I stop at each sweet, pink nipple.. and have my way with it.
Her nipples get sooo hard. I love to feel them harden in my mouth.
I keep kissing down her body.. her belly, her hips, the inside of her thighs. I go to her feet.. and kiss those too.
She has the daintiest feet I have ever seen on a woman. I kiss her feet, nibbling on her toes. She starts to squirm. I can hear her breath coming faster.. and her hips move up towards me.
I kiss the inside of her thighs.. lingering as I make my way to her nice little box.
I kiss her pussy. Right at the top.. and then swirl my tongue around her clit. She wants me to nibble on it. I do.
I love the way her pussy tastes. She is complimenting me the whole time.. I love the way her voice gets husky when she's aroused. Mmmm.. soooo sexy.
I dip my tongue into her little snatch. Sweet, and a little salty. She is SO wet. Her pussy juice is dripping down my chin. I stay at her clit for about an hour.. and keep sucking, licking and tonguing her.
She begs me to put a finger in, and stroke her from the inside. I do.
I can hear her breathing change. It is coming faster, and faster.
She tells me she's gonna cum. I keep on keepin' on... and she cums all over my face. Her pussy is gripping my finger so hard, I have to ask her to let go. She does. hehehe.
Mmm.. she pulls me up and licks her juices off of my face.
I tell her that we should definitely get this on film. For our own enjoyment later, of course.
She agrees. But doesn't want me to sell it on the net. Well, duh. Of course I won't sell you out, darling.. I tell her. And I am completely serious.

I am off.. and as I always say..
Be good. And if you can't be good, be good at it.
Sweet Thing

To be continued in Part 2.

Shadowscius 49M

2/3/2006 4:33 pm

Wow. I am enthralled.

rm_studslut1000 52M
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6/3/2008 8:05 am

Wow, so very hot! Wish I could hold the camera.

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