Tantric sex & sensuality...  

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7/30/2006 10:24 pm

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Tantric sex & sensuality...

After conversing with multitudes men, it seems that there is a gross lack of knowledge about tantric sex by the male species. Even though tantric can be (and is) used in goup encounters, it was basically developed to enhance true intimacy in a one-on-one relationship. Tantric incorporates sensuality into it's practice, in that it encourages the participating partners to understand what each finds sensual and erotic. In knowing these concepts about your partner, you in turn UNDERSTAND your partner better and are able to satisfy them on a much higher level...bringing sex to a more spiritual experience for both participants. Tantric also entails, among other concepts, the positions and techniques described in the Kama Sutra. It also, in most cases, helps the participants learn how to prolong their lovemaking sessions considerably.

Learning about tantric sex is easy...simply type "tantric sex" into your favorite search engine and see what pops up! There is a wealth of FREE information, as well as FEE information at your disposal online. There are also workshops available to help guide you on the tantric pathway.

Not only is knowledge POWER, it is also the gateway to fabulous, mind-blowing, truly intimate sex...so fellas (and ladies), look it up! You only have boring sexual experiences to lose! I guarantee you, your one-on-one encounters will improve tremendously.

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7/30/2006 11:03 pm

Thanks for the additional information. I asked this on the advice line but didnt really get as much detail. I am a massage therapist and also do energy work so when I heard about tantric massage I got curious.

Thanks I will look it up

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tantraHands 61M

8/7/2006 9:58 am

Kenneth Ray Stubbs has a book and video on giving Tantric massage

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