She Still Loves Him In Her Dreams...  

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8/28/2006 1:55 am
She Still Loves Him In Her Dreams...

I do write some lyrics and poetry myself. I've been told this is more of a poem than a lyric...and maybe that's true, but it comes from the heart of me none the less. This particular lyric is about someone that I have past-life history with (yes, I said PAST-LIFE). If you have any understanding of reincarnation, it will make sense to you. If you don't, then just view it as a personal artistic work.

She Still Loves Him In Her Dreams

Seems like it’s been forever
Since he told her goodbye
No honor for her sacrifice
Or the loving tears she’d cried

She knew it had to end someday
But, still, it was too soon
He laid her longing heart to waste
For avoidance of the truth

Denial of the heart
Cannot bring her peace
It cares not for right or wrong
Only what it thinks it needs

And as the dawn comes creeping
The winds of fate are weeping
“She still loves him in her dreams”……
”She still loves him in her dreams”……

She stares into the darkness
Ice melting in the glass
With thoughts of him she falls asleep
Dreams of moments from the past

She knows it does no good to wish
For things that cannot be
But in the mist of sleeping
It’s only him she sees

Repeat: Bridge & Chorus

In her heart she knows that she
Could’ve been his every thing
The end to his quest for magic
Only ecstasy can bring

Two thousand years of searching
He threw away the prize
Because he was not free to be
Lost in her pure loving sighs

Repeat: Bridge & Chorus:

In the morning she wakes up
Only water in the glass
Realizing there’s no escape
From their tumultuous past

She tries again to harden
A heart that burns so true
Dreads the lonely night approaching
And the dreams that make her blue

Repeat: Bridge & Chorus

Lyrics by: SweetRavenNCincy

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