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3/17/2005 7:14 am

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We made love, we fucked, we had sex for the first time
I kissed you lightly as my hand found your warm moistness
slowly we moved together as you put me inside you
on top of me, I felt myself deep within you, you came
your pleasure was complete, my pleasure in you, for you

Your cries of sexual joy, unbounded, unfettered, so lovely
then me on top, my tip rubbed your clitoris, so soft and moist
you moaned, I put myself slowly in you, buried in your warmth
I moved slowly in you, oh how I could have stayed that way
you moved beneath me, you pulled me down, into you, in

We kissed while I moved in and out, you asked me to cum
I could have cum long before, but pleasing you, burn for you
I was so hard for you, exciting this first time for us, tension
faster and faster, deep within you, you cried with heat, then
the joy of my cum, my spill, and only you knew, we came

Oh the fire when I came in you, sheer joy, hot and tender
Then afterglow, so loving, holding, breathing, descending
this time is special, still in you, you around me, blending
we’re all wet, warm, this ecstasy, this joy, fully knowing
this is only part of all the things that we want together

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