What do you want for your Birthday?  

SweetNSassy065 45F
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3/17/2006 5:35 am
What do you want for your Birthday?

Your groan slips out as my lips sink and slide down your gorgeous hard cock this morning. I had slipped under the covers to wake you in the exquisite way you love … as I do so often, I love to taste your pre cum slowly seeping out first thing...

Your hands are gently pulling my hair, feeling my head slide up and down slowly… sucking…

Holding you deeply in my mouth as my tongue teases the underside of your cock…

"Mmmmmm" Moaning from below the covers, I’m getting wet feeling you throb and grow ever larger in my mouth. Your hands pull the back of my head up towards you, I let your cock slide out of my mouth and crawl up your body, straddling your stomach….

Leaning down

Kissing you


"Ha - ppy....."


"Birth - day mmmm Baby mmm"

"Mmmmmmm Thank you baby"

"I’ve taken the day off work… I’m all yours…. Tell me what you’d like for your present?"

I look deep in your eyes…. Pulling me closer to you

Kissing you


Your hands running up my back….

I slide back and lift my hips up and then back down until my soaking pussy comes into contact with the head of your throbbing cock…. My lips snaking up your neck, my body pressed down into yours, but my ass still up in the air a little to keep you from sliding in me…

"Mmmmmmmm" You’re groaning as I tease you…

Whispering “Tell me…. Tell me baby, mmmmmm tell me…. What do you want as your gift…?”

“Oh God”

“Tell me mmmmmm” you can feel my breath on your neck….

I'm circling my hips as if grinding you deep in side me…. The tip of your cock sliding around my slick pussy

Your hands reach round to my ass and I offer no resistance as you push me down onto you stiff erection… spreading my pussy wide open and my wetness around you, mmmmmm

You let out a sigh…

Rocking my hips against you, slowly, deep inside me….

“Tell me”

”What do you want for your birthday…?"

"You can have anything…”

rm_lucky125125 49M
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3/21/2006 8:34 am

All that and More....All Day Long

rm_lucky125125 49M
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3/21/2006 8:35 am

What Do You Want For Yours?

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