Silk tie  

SweetNSassy065 45F
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3/20/2006 5:23 am
Silk tie

You’re standing by the chair in the corner, drying off after your shower, when you look up and catch a glimpse of me in the mirror in your work shirt ( I love your small) and my thong and bra, one leg up on the side of the bed, bending over and rubbing cream into my calf…. I hear you groan quietly with appreciation. I turn to look at you and you give me a rousing smile which just has “yes please” written all over it, but when I had tried to have some fun last night you were “too tired after a long days work.” But you’re obviously not tired now, and your cock looks like it’s growing slightly, giving away the fact that you’re thoughts are on me…. I smile back at you… so you want me now huh? I don’t say a word - I know you find me sexy when I wear your shirts and little else and I start to walk towards you… “Baby sit down”…your look questioning, but happy to oblige. So you sit on the chair next to the large window in our bedroom, God you look so beautiful… your body naked and just that little bit moist still from the shower and mmmm….. mmmmmm that cock, thick and mmm…my clit pulses at the thought…

I am standing right in front of you now and you reach out a hand to pull me closer…. I step back… “Uh? No baby, no touching, I know how hard you work and how tired you were last night, I’m sure you’re still a little tired now…?” You go to interrupt me but see the dirty smile on my face just before I say…. “Why don’t you just sit back and relax, I saw you watching me…How about right now you just let me please you?” Your cock visibly gets harder as I say this… and you smile at me, all the time looking deep into my eyes. “Ok baby sit back…no touching”

I walk over to the closet and take out a couple of your silk ties and come back over to you, your eyes are on me the whole time. I go around the back of the chair “your hands please baby.” I tie each one to a chair leg, down to your side leaving you comfortable, able to move but unable to touch me… “Just making sure.” I walk over to the stereo and can feel your eyes still on me and sense the anticipation in the air, I press play and the music starts up as I walk back over to you, your shirt falling open as I undo the buttons revealing my bra and thong…. I straddle one of your naked thighs feeling your hairy legs brush my smooth inner thighs… and begin to dance…my crotch almost face height, hips grinding in time with the music, my hands moving over my body…. Mmmmm One slides up to my breasts tracing the nipple which is getting harder through the sheer fabric… the other running up and down my thigh… you groan as I lean over and your face comes close to my breasts… “mmmm you like that?” I continue to dance as I start to strip for you…. I step back so you can see all of me and then I turn away from you.

Your shirt slips off my shoulders as I turn around look over my shoulder and smile at you… your eyes burning into me, cock standing to attention, clearly enjoying the show that has only just begun. I let your shirt slide off and reveal my back and naked ass in my thong, my hips swaying and grinding to the music the whole time. I reach around and unclasp my bra and turn around to face you, my hands cupping my now loose bra over my full large breasts and then slowly drop the bra to the ground…I am naked except for my thong… My nipples are erect and rock hard as my hands run all over my body over my hips, my ass up to my breasts, my neck….mmm in my hair, “mmm baby…I wish my hands were yours….touching me….?” “Come closer…” So I move closer to you….

I straddle your thigh again and whilst one hand slowly traces the muscles on your shoulder, down your arm and back up again my other hand slips down inside my thong and dips into my now very moist pussy…. My hips grinding so close to your face, you’ve slipped lower in the chair, as low as the ties will allow. I hear you inhale trying to take in my scent mmm I take my finger out and bring it up to my lips…. Mmmm “getting really wet baby…” you groan and your cock grazes the top of my thigh and you moan again. My hand slides back into my panties and you can see my fingers moving through the material, darting in and out of my pussy. It’s really wet and slippery. My clit piercing is gently rubbing against my clit making it throb more and I let my head drop backwards and groan as I loose myself for a second… you groan and try and mover your head closer…. You’re watching my hidden hand, so I slide it out of my pussy and bring it up to your lips this time… mmmm, rubbing my juices between your lips tracing them for just a second before your tongue comes out to lick my fingers… “mmmm tastes so sweet fuck baby I really want to touch you…let me”

I move my body closer to you I can feel your breath on my mound and then I slide down your body…. My hands moving down your chest and down to your thighs gently stroking you… Your cock begins to twitch and throb underneath me in anticipation. I lean down and kiss your lips and taste myself, as I go to stand back up a nipple grazes past your mouth and your lick it…. Mmmm I hold myself there, and let you play for a second whilst I run my hands through your hair and hold your head in place you take each nipple in turn into your mouth and lick and suck it…. the left mmmm and the right, the cold air on the wet nipple your mouth just left makes it get even harder. As I go to pull away from you you take it between your teeth and bite…. Just enough to give me that shot of pleasurable pain that you know I like so much. I look down and see my nipple between your teeth…. My clit throbs and my hips jerk involuntarily towards you with the feeling that just shot through my cunt…. I am really really wet now…. A damp patch is visible on my thong so I step back, you pull at my nipple and then release it…. I then take a few steps away from you and turn around, my back to you, legs parted just a little.

I slip my thumbs under the sides of my thong and slip them down over my hips, down my thighs…. Bending lower and lower, past my knees…. And you are staring at my pussy, which is wet and glistening at you…. I drop my thong to the ground and step out of it…. I spread my legs a little wider, staying bent over a little longer than necessary to give you a good view of my ass and waiting pussy…. I reach back and slide a finger up and down and around my clit and inside my pussy lips….mmmm feels sooo ooohhhh gooooood… then mmm… and then dip two mmmm deep inside me… mmmm fuck that’s good…. I really want to cum, it’s slowly building up in me but this is about you for now…. You can see the pleasure I’m giving myself and you want to join in… You moan louder, more urgently now “untie me… baby untie me….”

... to be continued.

threeinabed2000 48M
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3/20/2006 6:23 am

What I wouldn't give to be the gentleman tied to the chair!!!! Wow, what a way to start off my day. Awesome...

rm_lucky125125 49M
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3/20/2006 7:06 am

Can not wait for you to continue , but if its about me I would want you to continue and make it all about you \ til you explode all over me causing me to explode
Then let the frenzy begin

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