Stupid Warning Labels  

SweetLoadInKC 47M
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8/18/2006 4:32 am
Stupid Warning Labels

Cell phones: "Phone should always be in the off position before being lodged up your ass by the angry motorist you just rear-ended."

Jaegermeister: "What can you possibly be thinking?"

Viagra: "Just remember, chump, you're STILL fat, bald and ugly!"

The Clapper: "Use of this product near a construction site is not recommended."

Pineapple: "Not to be inserted rectally. No, seriously -- it's not a good idea."

Rogaine: "Excessive use may result in a career as a boxing promoter."

Zima: "Merely holding this bottle is obliterating your already-remote prospects of getting laid."

Raquel Welch: "Contents may have settled."

Windows 2000: "May cause unpredictable behavior and loss or corruption of d$@@NQ t!"z +~]]J; FATAL EX&~d"

Whitman Sampler: "Caution - you never know what you're gonna git."

El Presidente Cigars: "Should only be enjoyed orally."

Prozac: "Whatever”

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