Wicked Me...  

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
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1/18/2006 4:14 pm

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Wicked Me...

I want to be dangerously wicked. Just throw caution to the wind and be completely naughty and careless. I want to be Jesse James in a mini skirt and smile. Gun toting and tattooed with a devilish grin and sexy glint in my eyes. Don’t mess with me boy, I’m one woman that could eat you alive.

You’ll always know when I’m in town because the sheriff will call and ask if you’ve seen me around. The news will be filled with stories of my latest escapades of thievery and mayhem. “This just in, The Black Angel has struck our fair city again! Just look at the scene behind me. Men have been left penniless and dumfounded; women are clueless as to what has happened. A Woman is blindfolded while her husband’s wallet is taken right out of his pocket; their children are left with candy and smiles. She has emptied the vault of this local bank brandishing no weapons, just sex appeal and the men behind the counter. I am told she is armed, but her gun has yet to leave its holster. She is making a mockery of the security here. The people are furious, and frankly a little embarrassed. This is Sarah Jones for Channel Two News.” You will watch and know that soon, I’ll be by your place for a nightcap.

When I find you tossing and turning in your bed that night, you look as though you are fighting to find solace in your sleep. I know you find any; you can’t until you see me. You hate it when I come around but you hate it even more when I go. I toss my filthy jeans aside, peel off my sweaty T-shirt and stroll to your bathroom in my underwear for a quick shower. So far, I haven’t disturbed your restless slumber. As I dry myself off, I watch you sleep and wonder why I don’t visit more often, settle down a bit. Men like you are hard to find. You are so handsome, sexy, so amazing in bed. You can do things to me that no one else has ever done before. I reach over and stroke your face, feeling the stubble under your chin and your eyes begin to open. “I told you we were through” you growl at me. I smile down at you and begin to kneel next to the bed naked, chilled by your words. “You didn’t mean it” I replied. You roll away from before sitting up in the bed determined not to get to close to me. The distance you put between us doesn’t diminish the heat we both feel. Watching your body, the way you move makes me yearn for you even more; you glare at me trying not to take your eyes away from mine. I can see you concentrating on ignoring my nakedness. I start to crawl across the bed toward you and you reach for the phone. “I’m going to call you in, you need to be stopped. Maybe if you’re caught you’ll stop showing up in my life!” you shout angrily. I collapse onto the bed, the wind blown out of me with the harshness of your tone. My eyes begin to well up with tears as you dial the number to the police, my lips quiver with emotion and I ask “Just give me five minutes of your time first, please. That is all I want.” I beg you. You relent and place the phone back in the cradle. Slowly, I make my way across the bed and curl myself into your arms. You melt against me and I know that I have won you over for the moment.

I begin to kiss your neck and chest tracing your collar with my tongue and lips. You take the time to inhale the scent of my hair. I wrap my arms around your back and pull you down to the bed and enclose you within my arms and legs, using my calves and toes to peel away your boxers so that you are left as naked as I am. You are instantly aroused once your shaft touches my naked pussy. I encourage you by rocking gently back and forth against you, teasing you, taunting you to slip inside of me. You can feel my wetness; you can smell the sweet juices of my pussy as my need for you grows stronger. Pulling you closer to me you bury your face into my neck and begin to kiss and suck at the nape of my neck. My body responds to your mouth with each intake of breath I press against you; my breasts flesh with your chest and with every exhale I relax to the bed my nipples slowly pulling from your skin. You can feel their erect hardness rubbing between us, begging to be suckled. You hover over me and lightly flick you tongue across each one, trying to show me which one of us is truly in charge. I laugh haughtily before I reach down to grab you by the balls, gently apply pressure and remind you which one of us carries the gun. Before releasing you I slide my hand up your softening cock and slide it into my dripping wet pussy, wrap my legs behind your back and draw you deep inside of me. Looking you right in the eyes I urge you to fuck me, show me you’re a man.

Without hesitation your thrusts commence. Forceful and deep, long determined strokes each one slamming against me with a resounding thump. I can feel the reverberations echoing throughout my entire body. Tendrils of pain and pleasure creeping into my groin, I start to cry out in aggravation. I can feel the orgasm building, intensifying but every stroke brings with it an ache of discomfort. I can see that you are enjoying my frustration, finding a sick delight in bringing some form of torture upon me. Rather than allow you to wallow in my torment, I roll us over and take control, riding your cock hard and fast. Pumping against it with my hips and legs, grinding into you, ensuring that you dick drives deep inside of me. Letting your head ram against my back wall with every thrust. You throw your head back and begin to howl with ecstasy, your dick so hard and close to explosion you can’t breathe. I rise up onto my knees and pump your cock with my pussy with long, tight strokes. The muscles of my cunt closing around, caressing it, squeezing it with its hot, wet, velvety smooth walls urging you to spill your cum all over it. You grab me by the waist, shoving your shaft deep inside of me, pulling me down onto it while you unleash your load inside of me. While you lie there shaking and trembling I bring myself to orgasm on top of you. Letting my wetness cover your softening cock and I turn to the edge of the bed where I left my dirtied clothes earlier that night and begin to dress.

“Thanks for the shower sexy,” I say over my shoulder as I fasten the button to my jeans and head for my boots. You are already reaching for the phone again, but before you can lift the handset I have shot the cradle out from under it with my gun. “You should have called when you had the chance” and I turned and walked out of the room. By the time you realized I had taken your wallet, credit cards, and your truck, I was already half-way across town and listening to my favorite radio station planning my move.


viking123456000 52M
8 posts
1/19/2006 4:21 pm

anytime you want to be Bonnie, I'll be Clyde.

GatorDave7 44M

1/19/2006 7:43 pm

I'm guessing the Wild Wild West never saw anything that beautifully wild! C'mon by for a shower anytime!

warmandsexy52 65M
13164 posts
1/20/2006 11:45 pm

Mmmmmm! Nice! Let me be your crime victim! warm xx

SweetDarlinAngel 40F
2996 posts
1/24/2006 7:37 am

viking123456000 Now there's an offer no girl could refuse!

GatorDave7 Hot & steamy, wet-n-wild, I'm guessing you'd let me have my way with you and keep a smile through the entire ordeal ... poor, poor Dave. He's was taken such advantage of ...

warmandsexy52 victim? I thought you'd have to be in a somewhat unwilling mood to be a victim ... I could be wrong though.



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